Yesterday I decided to take my big kid out on a date.  It was nap time, and my husband desperately needed to get some rest (a 5 day golf will wear you out), so we got out of the house to have some fun together.  I had never been to the Palace Cinema, but they had the right movie playing at the right time so off we went.

Have you ever tried to find this place?  Not easy.  We drove past it the first time.  From the street it just doesn’t look like a movie theater.  In fact, there isn’t even a sign facing the street – it’s on the side of the building facing the parking lot.  Thankfully we found it in time.

the side of the building

After we parked I “checked in” on FourSquare and noticed the following tip (that was posted 6 months ago): “Your car has a good chance of being broken into.  Don’t leave valuables in it.  Happened to 4 of my friends on different weekend nights.”  Great.  Good thing we were there for a matinee.

It was a 3D movie so tickets were $1 extra.  Mine was $7 and the munchkin got in for $6, which is 50¢ less per ticket than the Paradiso Theater.  The movie was great and the cinema was clean (we didn’t buy any food or drinks), but this place is quite outdated.

box office and ticket counter
video games and tables, the area in between the theaters
Great photo opp at the entrance

Ajay Theaters Palace Cinema
5117 Old Summer Rd
Memphis, TN 38122

(901) 763 – 1111