The new kid area Inside Art is now open at The Brooks Museum! Located on the second floor of the museum, Inside Art is Tennessee’s only hands-on family art gallery designed to teach visual literacy – making meaning from the images you see.



The ‘Deconstructed Art’ piece, a large reproduction of Thomas Hart Benton’s famous painting Engineer’s Dream, invites families to use multiple senses to explore how one work of art can be more exciting with the addition of surprising information and context. The large-scale painting is embedded with cabinets and doors that can be opened to touch, listen and explore the objects hidden inside.


The Skypod is a small nook where kids and parents can lean back and look at video above them of skies from the Museum’s art collection gently flying by, as a selection of songs and sounds also plays.


Other activities include:

  • a number of art portal walls/doors
  • a climbing structure integrated with art observation ‘tools’
  • a selfie studio with handmade costumes from the costume designer for Ballet Memphis
  • a sculpture studio
  • a compare and contrast studio


InsideArt4 InsideArt5

EMM contributor Star Newman recently took her rising kindergartner and they had a great time. They went on Wacky Wednesday, so the area did get a bit crowded. They were there for about an hour.  Check it out and let us know what you think!


Special thanks to Star Newman for the photos!