If you’ve got a young child you need to go to CMOM: The Children’s Museum of Memphis.  I’m not exactly sure at what age this place is no longer fun, but my 7 1/2 year old loves it there, as does my toddler.  I’m guessing I have at least another year until my big kid no longer thinks CMOM is cool.

A child who can sit up can start to enjoy CMOM (and so can you).  There is an area for toddlers called Playscape Park that is only for kids 4 and under.  There is a door, places for parents to sit, and even a bathroom with a changing table!  So smart.  There are toys, a treehouse, slides, and more.  Unfortunately older siblings are not welcome in this area if they are over 4 years old.

Besides this area, at CMOM your kids can….

  • Pretend to fly a real airplane
  • Go grocery shopping and use a real cash register
  • Be in a music video
  • Assemble plumbing
  • Decorate a virtual room
  • Climb a play skyscraper
  • Sit in a firetruck, police car and police motorcycle…wearing appropriate head gear!
  • Pretend to fish
  • Pretend to be a dentist
  • Dance under a disco ball
  • Build a tower
  • Get quized by a tree
  • Send messages with bank teller air tubes
  • Dress up like a football player
  • Pretend to drive a car
  • Watch honeybees
  • Crawl through a house
  • Learn about tornadoes, rain, and more.
My little rock stars make a music video

If you have more than one child it’s more challenging to visit this museum, but it can be done.  The only exhibits with doors are Playscape Park and the grocery store.  Everything else is wide open, so turn your back and your child could be off to check out something else.  

I highly recommend buying a membership as it pays for itself quickly.  CMOM does not offer discounts on Tuesdays, like many other area museums, but they have offered half-price admission occasionally.  Membership also gets you discounts at other local places…so make sure you check out this page often so you don’t miss out.

Children’s Museum of Memphis
2525 Central Avenue
Memphis, TN 38104