Did you roller skate as a kid?  I was at the Cordova Skate Center for a birthday yesterday and the consensus from the adults what that strapping on a pair of skates and going around and around in a circle to loud music was definitely what we did as kids.  The great part about the Cordova Skate Center is that they participate in Kids Skate Free – so if you sign up you’ll get an email once a week with free passes for your kids!  The free days and times seem to change with the seasons.  Over the summer there were three free times a week, right now there is one.  Go here to sign up.

The kids are all lined up for limbo time

In addition to the big skating area, complete with lights and a disco ball, there are video and other games and a snack bar that serves traditional movie-theater-type snacks as well things like as chicken nuggets and hot dogs.  There are lockers in case you want to skate, and spots to sit in case you don’t.   You can rent their 4-wheel skates or bring your own.  I saw a good number of kids wearing in-line skates from home.

Skate rental on the left, snack bar on the far right,
birthday party rooms (with one wall open) in the back of the photo

On Wednesdays they offer a Tiny Tots skating class for kids 8 and under, check this page for information.  They also do birthday parties, fundraisers, day care sessions, hockey leagues and more.

Cordova Skate Center
website | Facebook page
7970 Club Center Drive
Cordova, TN