I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect from the Fire Museum of Memphis.  I’ve visited similar museums in Charlotte and Dallas and while they were interesting and educational they were also frustrating at times as it seemed like every couple of minutes I was reminding someone not to touch something.  Not the case in parts of this museum:

My 7.5 year old Jr. Firefighter

The first building (where you pay) has a small gift shop, a room of display cases full of toy fire trucks, a couple of old fire engines (no touching) and some photos and other artifacts.  Interesting, but a bit painful for kids since you can’t touch anything.

there must be at least a dozen display cases this size
Sorry, no touching

The second building is completely different.  On the first floor there are two fire trucks and an ambulance kids can climb on and through.  Step back and let ’em go!

My big kid is off and running!

There is also a platform you can stand on and pretend to fight a fire on a video screen.  Very simple, but great fun for the right age group.

“Great Job Rookie!”

In this building there is also fire fighting equipment you can’t touch…

I loved the horses, a nice touch

…and educational displays (with videos) explaining fire hazards in various rooms of your house.

The model of the fire station years ago was a huge hit with my kids…

…and I really enjoyed the framed newspaper stories of past fires, and this wall of the Great Fires of Memphis with details explanations as photos.  Really an interesting read…my big kid enjoyed hearing the stories as well.

A really beautiful building (with a beautiful unused Police Station next door) with a great mixture of educational and fun displays – interesting for all ages.

Station #1
the Fallen Fire Fighters Memorial

Definitely worth a visit…go on Tuesday and you’ll get two-for-one admission!

Mom comments on Fire Museum birthday parties:

  • We had a 5th birthday party there for my son and he and all his friends loved it!
  • Had my son’s 5th birthday party there and LOVED it! The kids all had such a fun time playing and checking everything out!
  • We did it for my sons 3rd birthday. It was great for that age but I think he would’ve been too “old” for it by age 4.
  • I did my son’s 2nd birthday party there and had a great experience! Activities are a bit limited for kids over the 4-5 age range. Great staff and venue!
  • We’ve attended a party there. It was a nice space but not much to do for busy little bodies. You can’t put a big fire truck in the room and then say “don’t touch!”

The Fire Museum of Memphis
118 Adams Ave
Memphis, TN 38103