A new playground has opened in downtown Memphis – right at the river!  It’s part of the new Beale Street Landing.  If you’re looking for a way to enjoy the river with your kids this is a great option.


Designed for kids 10 and under, the playground has a giant catfish, a stone slide and a small spray ground.  There are grassy areas nearby, and a fabulous view of the river.  There are bathrooms in Beale Street Landing, but I’m not sure of the times they are open.  Parking options are also a bit unclear to me.  The Mud Island parking area might be the best option.  We were downtown for other reasons and walked there.  If you know these details or have other tips to share please do so via a comment.  If you’re looking to make a day out of it here are some other things to do and places to eat with kids downtown.

NOTE: there is a silver button on the ground near the noodley things that turns on the water.

Photo from Mayor A C Wharton's Facebook page

Photo from Mayor A C Wharton’s Facebook page