We made it to My Big Backyard before we hit our one year anniversary in Memphis.  Pitiful that it took that long, but at least we made it!  It’s been hot lately, as you obviously know, so we got there right at 9am and stayed for about 90 minutes.  We were all a bit droopy after that so it was time to go.

a playhouse full of fun things, including a
window you can climb up to peek through

This is the sort of place that makes you wish you were a kid again.  There are so many fun things to do and see…and hear too!  We heard a bullfrog, which made me think of my summers at the lake, such a nice memory.

The entire botanic garden is really huge.  In addition to My Big Backyard, kid’s love feeding the koi at the Japanese Garden (buy fish food for $1 when you check in), Daffodil Hill (the new chapel that overlooks daffodil hill is very pretty and there are restrooms nearby!), the Butterfly Garden and the Prehistoric Plant Trail – which has cement dinosaurs, a sandy dig area, a cave, and a climbing structure (apparently this was the original kid area of the garden…now a little run down but still fun). 

Feeding the koi – they are HUGE and hungry

Some areas are shady and there are benches in many areas (and some swings).  There are bathrooms and a water fountain in the “Guest House.”  The trails are paved, so you can bring a stroller.  Crawlers must love the gardens, but will probably be a challenge (when are they not?) in this outdoor environment.  Throw a towel in your car (in case your kids get really wet) and dress the kids in shoes that can get wet.

a hut made out of plants
inside a playhouse
wading in the creek
“Treetop Adventure”
a small slide, shade and sand – perfect for toddlers!
“Raindrop Stop” – listen for the thunder…the
mist comes next, then rain!

Memphis Botanic Garden
750 Cherry Road
Memphis, TN 38117
(901) 636-4100