A mom wanted to know if it was safe at the Summer Ave Drive-In.  I asked on the EMM Facebook page and the post had 26 responses with everyone saying that YES, it’s a safe thing to do with kids in Memphis.  They also said it’s fun and inexpensive too since kids 10 and under are FREE!  They are open seven days/week, check their website for listings (sometimes the second movie is rated R, so pick the right night)!


Mom Tips

  • Go during the week and it’s not crowded.
  • Have the kids take a nap so they can stay up for both movies (same price as one)
  • Consider bringing a portable radio so you don’t have to use your car battery with the doors open.
  • We opened the back of our van and let the seats down and the kids were comfortable lying down w/ pillows and blankets.
  • Please be careful with your aerosol bug spray. It drifts, in massive cloud, right into the family next to you, and into the lungs of the asthmatic sitting there.
  • We had a blow up mattress that we put in the ground for my daughter. She ended up with a tick on her head (caught it before it attached). Load up on bug spray. My husband said there are woods nearby, so that is where it could have come from. Next time we will all just stay in the car.

What to Bring

  • GALLONS of bug spray
  • lawn chairs
  • food
  • citronella candles
  • blankets (if it’s cold) and pillows
  • air mattress


Malco Summer Drive-In
5310 Summer Ave, Memphis