When you hear “metal museum” it doesn’t exactly sound like a kid-friendly place, but it is!  If you’ve got school-aged kids I highly recommend you check this place out, especially on a nice day.  It’s also a great spot to bring out-of-town guests as it’s not only interesting but it has beautiful views of the river, and the gift shop has an impressive collection of handmade household items, jewelry, trinkets, yard ornaments and more.


Demo in the blacksmith shop

There are basically four main parts to the museum – the museum itself, the grounds, the foundry and the blacksmiths shop.  The exhibits in the museum change on a regular basis, so check their website for current info.  In addition to special events, each Saturday and Sunday at 2:30 & 3pm they do live blacksmith and foundry demonstrations and answer questions.  The exhibits can be interesting to kids, but watching someone make something out of a hunk of metal is awesome.  Go check it out for yourself!

metal1 metal3 metal8

They also have repair days where you can get estimates to have things repaired, or you can just bring them on another day.  We (finally) dropped off part of an outdoor light fixture that got attacked by a tree branch last year.


crank the handle to bonk people with the pool noodle

metal4 metal5

National Ornamental Metal Museum
374 Metal Museum Drive
Memphis, TN
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