Have you checked out the newest family attraction in Memphis?  The Art Project is a unique space in Midtown that offers drop-in art free play as well as workshops. Or as their website states: Paint. Glitter. Glue. Chalk. Sand. Classes. Retail. Digitization. Coffee. Snacks. Beer.

Midtown mom Kati Ballard-Hoffman took her four kids there last week and had so much fun she purchased a membership. This interaction with her daughter speaks volumes:


“How much time do we have here, Mom?!”

“Oh, a good hour and 20 mins.”

“GOOD! We’re gonna need ALL that time to do ALL these awesome projects!!!”

Keep reading for Kati’s comments (with a few edits and additions).

It’s not a huge space but, it’s extremely well designed to maximize its functionality. When you walk in you are warmly greeted by an artist who has you put on an apron and then explains the theme for the week (i.e. On the Farm, Shadows). Then you can do as much or as little as you want. I could have easily grabbed a sparkling water and sat down at the adult coloring book table as Heather, the darling resident artist, took over assisting and engaging my girls in their projects for the next two hours!


Each table has a different art project based on the theme of the week




Make a farm collage

image6 (2)

Paint a watercolor tractor


Painting with “mud”

This was the woodworking class. Beautiful bird houses! I was amazed at how well the class and the studio kids kept out of each other’s way while sharing the space.


If you want to let the professionals guide your kids you can sit at the Adult Coloring Book Table:

image1 (2)

They have a terrific merchandise wall too, which is SO exciting for us Midtown folks because we really don’t have a good place to pick up a quick birthday gift. Reasonable prices and they offer gift wrap! There are a few of these bundles pre-made for an excellent grab-and-go option or you can customize your own collection of items.

I absolutely fell hard for their snack and beverage selection – healthy(ish) and easy on the wallet.



Visit their website for details on upcoming classes (ages 5-12), free-play and membership prices. They also do birthday parties!

The Art Project
2092 Trimble Place (Overton Square)
On the ground level below Goulds Spa


Kati Ballard-Hoffman lives in Midtown with her husband and four kids. She recently became a doula and looks forward to helping many Memphis moms bring their babies into the world.