I’ve been to The Pink Palace museum a couple of times now, but yesterday was the first time I brought my almost four year old, so I figured it’s time to write about it.  I waited this long (I have lived here two years now) because in my opinion this is not a museum for toddlers.  To me, this museum is geared towards school-aged kids.  Certainly there are exceptions, but once your child is mobile there isn’t much here to hold their attention until they are pushing four.  Otherwise you’re just chasing a wandering child, and that’s not much fun!

We had a great time checking out the skeletons and mounted animals in the Natural History of the Mid-South exhibit.  It was fun to talk about what our cat looks like under all that fur (a lot like a dog or a large rabbit it turns out), to see birds up close (especially the gigantic eagle), and all of the other wild animals (rodents, bear, dears, foxes and more).  The mounted butterflies and various rocks and fossils were a big hit too.  Both kids were, of course, enthralled with the dinosaurs.

Look mom!

The big hit for my big kid (8 1/2) was the Civil War section of the Cultural History of the Mid-South exhibit.  Right now he’s completely obsessed with World War II, so anything that involves guns is his cup of tea.  A man in period costume was working that day, so my son was thrilled to get a hands-on demonstration of how to load a pistol.  I certainly won the “Mom of the Day” award for that one.  My little kid got pretty restless at this point (too much talking) but he enjoyed other parts – like the Clyde Parke Miniature Circus and the carriages.

Learning how to load a civil war era pistol
The Clyde Parke Circus

We didn’t make it through the exhibits in The Mansion, the last set of permanent exhibits.  We’ll have to visit again!

Other parts of the museum include a various temporary exhibits, an awesome gift shop (my review), IMAX theater and the Sharpe Planetarium.  Entry to the planetarium and IMAX theater are separate from museum admission, so you decide which parts of the museum you want to visit and pay when you enter.  There is no restaurant in the museum, but there are tables where children eat their lunches during field trips.  Don’t forget that the museum is free Tuesdays from 1-5pm, and each May you can sign up for a free summer membership.

The Pink Palace Museum
3050 Central Ave.
Memphis, TN 38111