Are you looking for a new place to host a kid party or hang out with friends with kids?  The Rec Room is an arcade/game room (with bar) that recently opened on Broad Avenue, and it’s really cool!



Step inside this warehouse and you’ll find two ping pong tables, two foosball tables, air hockey, old-school arcade games, darts, Skee-ball and several “living rooms” full of Wii U, Playstation, Sega Genesis, Nintendo 64, Xbox 360 and other video games (for a full list go here).  Each living room has a collection of couches with a Pac Man-themed table in the middle.


There are also board games to play

You rent out a Living Room by the hour and can reserve them online ahead of time.  The rest of the games there (with a couple of exceptions) are free.  Yes, free.  We went with two other families and had a blast!  We rented a Living Room for a two hours and the kids took turns playing various games.  The kids who were not on the couches were enjoying all of the other games there – gleefully going from one to the other and occasionally stopping by our table (where we were enjoying a pitcher of beer) to say hello.

RecRoom3 RecRoom4 RecRoom5recroom8

While we were there (a Saturday afternoon) they had a popcorn machine and a hot dog cart.  They plan on having food trucks in the parking lot, but there were none there that day.  Check their Facebook page for current info.  You can bring in your own food, including birthday cakes.  There is a security guard at the entrance at all times, and they told me that after dusk they have a second one patrolling the parking lot on a golf cart.  They also plan on clearing out a small tree out front so there is a clear view of the Tillman Police Station on the other side of Sam Cooper.


This is an awesome addition to the Memphis “scene” that you should definitely check out.

The Rec Room
website, Facebook
3000 Broad Ave, Memphis