Looking to take a toddler or preschooler to the movies?  That can be challenging!  When we first did this mine asked to go home before the movie had even started!  Ugh.  We made it through the movie, then waited about six months before trying again.  Below are some tips on taking a toddler or preschooler to the movies, as well as some tips on the drive-in theater.


Here are some mom tips on successfully taking a little kid to the movies:

  • blanket or lovey, lots of snacks!
  • Be prepared to leave about half way through.
  • Took mine last summer for the first time at 20 months, she loved it! We go to the Ridgeway 4 (lesser known). We sit in the back in case we need a quick exit and on the aisle so she can get up and down. If they need a break go let them run around in the lobby. Their are screaming babies, talking kids…don’t worry about yours disturbing anyone
  • I say go for it…I took mine around the same age. My oldest loved it and was very well behaved but my youngest was a bit more active! lol I let mine sit in my lap the first time, just seemed to keep them more comfortable. Now both my girls behave VERY well in movies and I think it’s because I started taking them so young.
  • Delay going in until the last minute. Bring snacks. Prepare to leave early!
  • Disagree, go early so they can check out the theater and get their running out. Also so you can pick your seat before all the school groups get there!
  • Be sure to ask for booster seat at concession counter, keeps seat down and keeps them higher so they can see!! The Paradiso has them and maybe Wolfchase! They have cute little cup holders on them!     
    Not too early. People have babies in carriers at those movies- his age is precisely what this experience is for: to learn how to act in the movie theater, right along with the other kids. Plus if you have to leave early, at least it wasn’t a $10 movie.

Here are mom tips for taking kids to a Drive-In Theater:

  • Bring a portable radio if you don’t want to leave your car radio running the whole time.
  • We took our 3yr old & had a great time! We took blankets/pillows, a battery operated fan, bug spray & candy. (You can bring anything in: snacks, drinks, etc). They have bathrooms & concessions like a regular theatre.
    Lots of families!!! Most of them had folding chairs & some of them had balls, bubbles, etc for the “waiting time” before the movies starts. ***get there about 20min early or you’ll be stuck in a LONG line of traffic.
    Have fun!
  • Went last weekend. Take lawn chairs, bug spray, water, snacks, pillows, maybe a light jacket for 2nd feature…..and more than one vehicle is nice, so you can spread out a little. Enjoy!!!
  • We have been twice this summer with our 4 and 22 month old! They have both had a great time. Just be prepared as you are for any other outing. Bring snacks, drinks (or buy them at the concession stand) and bug repellent. We bring chairs and the kid’s pj’s and blankets for the ride home since its really late when we leave. Other than that, it’s no biggie! A fun, inexpensive night for the family!
  • Everyone told us to bring bug spray. When we got there we saw why. The parking spaces are on hills and the valleys all have mosquito breeding water in them. Glad we took our truck so the 5 and 2 year olds weren’t tempted to sneak into it! We brought $5 pizza, drinks, pillows and blankets, and we all loved it!
  • call ahead to make sure the equipment is working! We sat at the kids movie/drive in for hours and the sound was not working….took forever to get a refund! So… CALL AHEAD!