I’ve already posted about The Lookout restaurant/balconies and Uncle Buck’s Fishbowl and Grill, but did you know there is also cool stuff for kids in the store?  Besides having a lot of interesting stuff for sale, and fudge, there are several things you and your kids will love checking out.

The amazing fireplace at the main entrance.

The amazing fireplace at the main entrance.  The murals on the walls are all hand painted.

The Arcade

For 50¢ you can enjoy some target practice as you shoot at a chandelier that makes a glass break sound, a skunk that sprays and many other fun items in the arcade.  Thankfully there is a change machine nearby, so just bring some singles.


A second arcade will be opening soon on the second floor.  It will have ducks you can shoot.  It wasn’t open when we visited but they let us check it out and my boys didn’t seem to care that there were no targets.


The Live Animals

There are currently three alligators inside the store!  They told me there are plans to add a lot more, but I’m not exactly sure where they will go.  The current ones are behind glass, and don’t get fed very often, but stay tuned for scheduled feeding times in case you want to watch!

My little kid did his best quacking but no one came to visit.

My little kid did his best quacking but no one came to visit.

There are ducks and fish in the Cypress Swamp Waterfowl Habitat.  Lots of them.  Unfortunately some people are throwing coins in the water.  Don’t let your kids do this, it’s bad for the fish.  We joked that they should add some frogs and turtles, but I guess that would be a problem since it is a store and they might go wandering off someplace.  It would be great if they would add some signs with pictures, names and basic fish information.  There are spots where your child can fall in (and some have), so consider bringing a stroller.  Watch their website for fish feeding times.

bpfish2a bpfish3 bpfisha

The Taxidermy

You won’t believe how many mounted animals there are in the store.  It’s amazing.  They are a bunch in the store and more in the museum (keep reading for info on that).

bptax bptax2

Ducks Unlimited Waterfowling Heritage Center

There is a 4,600 square foot Ducks Unlimited Waterfowling Heritage Center on the second floor of the store.  There you’ll find a lot of hunting history including duck calls, guns, more taxidermy and hunting dog trophies.  There is also a lot of information on land conservation efforts.  Apparently there is someone staffing the museum but no one was there when we visited, which is too bad as we had lots of questions!

ducksU1 ducksu2 ducksu3a

The Fudge Shop

There is a fudge shop inside the store.  Unfortunately they don’t sell coffee, because that would be awesome.  There are two small sitting areas outside the store in case you want to eat it right away.  We didn’t buy any but I’ve hear it’s delicious.

Archery & Shooting Ranges

The archery and shooting ranges were not open when we visited.  They will be available for 30-minute slots.  You cannot reserve them ahead of time.

archeryThe Store

Lastly there is the actual store, which can be really entertaining.  There is a large toy section full of toy guns, vehicles and more.  And you never know what else your kids might find entertaining.


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