There is always something being updated at the Children’s Museum of Memphis – and that’s a great thing!  Here are some highlights:

Imagine how awesome this new outdoor playground will be when it’s warm out, and right next to the spray grounds!  It should be open soon, and it includes a kid “zip line” (check out a video here).


Just outside the front entrance

Remember the dress-up stage area (past the Kroger)?  Along with the crafts area it’s now all part of the new and improved toddler area (which still has the separate bathroom).  There is a new toddler play set, activity centers, and lots of new ride on toys.  The old entrance to this area (by the fire trucks) is currently being closed off, but it’s still a low wall.  This is going to be a challenge for moms used to staying in the toddler area with one child and letting their older child play (within sight) in the larger room.  You’ll still be able to see them, but it’s a long walk around to get to them.




The Lego table that was in the crafts area is now in the hall:


There is a giant touch-screen toy outside the toddler area.  It has several game options, individual or team, that involve slapping the board.  Great fun for big kids (and you can team up with the little ones).


And if it’s been a really long time since you’ve been…the big room with the fire trucks and police car is now home to a huge vacuum-tube toy where you can stuff a scarf or ball in one hole and have it zigzag around the tubes and pop out in another place.  This is great fun for older kids.  My 4th grader loved it when it opened up, as did my little kid.

2824 2825

And then there’s the cow.  Hmmmm…..