It’s still summer, but school will be starting soon, which means it’s time to start thinking about activities for your kids this fall.  I’ve found the ideal mix for our family is one extracurricular activity per kid.  Sometimes we end up with some overlap, and scheduling gets overwhelming, but one per kid is the best mix for us as there is some structure for their non-school time but also still down time where they can just play.  More than one activity and we just feel like chauffeurs with our kids activities completely taking over our lives.  The kids start complaining and we’re not happy either.
My drummer

My drummer

We’ve also done our best to expose our kids to a wide variety of activities, in an attempt to help them figure out what they enjoy.  We always told our older son – we don’t care what you do, but you do need to find non-screen activities you enjoy.  Unfortunately for my husband, neither child has taken a liking to his favorite pastime, golf, but there is still time.
What works for your family?
If you’re interested in sports check out this post that covers local recreational (everyone gets to play, no pressure or traveling) soccer, kickball, football (flag and tackle) and other sports.  If the registration deadline has passed it’s worth calling the organization to see if they have spots.  Ice skating/hockeytennis/golf lessons and martial arts programs are also good sports options. Or maybe a dance class or cheer/gymnastics/baton is more their speed?
Maybe your child is more interested in the arts?  How about a music or drama class – they could be in a play!  There are lots of great art classes in the area too.

Boy and Girl Scouts are a great option.  Typically groups meet weekly (either in a classroom-type setting, field trip or gym) during the school year.  Boy Scouts goes from age 7 – 17, you can find a local group at  Girl Scouts goes from grades K – 12 and you can find a local group here.

If you’ve got little ones at home don’t miss the Baby & Crawler Activities and Preschooler Activities posts.  Signing up for a class is a great way to make new mom friends!  If you know of a great class I’m missing please share it via a post comment.