My family got out to the new Woodland Discovery Playground at Shelby Farms today – and it was great!  Here are some details and photos by “nest.”  I highly recommend you get your family out to this fabulous new playground!  We are very fortunate to have this nearby.

Aeriel view of the playground entrance.  The parking lot is on the left and the bathroom is the building in the center, beyond the metal mesh structure (which will be covered with vines once they grow).

Unfortunately the only trash cans are by the bathroom.  We all know little kids need snacks, so hopefully everyone will be good and carry their trash out with them.  I was there Sunday morning and the trash in the women’s bathroom was overflowing.

There is one water fountain by the entrance, and two more on the back of the bathroom (by the entrance to the woman’s side).  There are vending machines in this building as well – sodas and snacks – and a bin to recycle your old sneakers!

Sand & Slide Nest 
(ages 2-12)

 Here’s a “aerial” shot I took from the top of the slide.  There are three short ladders you climb in the slide tower, and you can climb above the slide just to look around.  It says ages 5-12 on the slide but my 2 1/2 year old just had to get up there, so we went together, which was doable but a challenge since I’m 5’9″ – not exactly the size person this was built for!

In this photo you can see lots of sand, a slide and the sand and water table – which is really popular.  There is also a small “house” in this area.

The start of the Sand & Water Table has a “pump” where the water only comes out if you press down.  As you can see you get wet if you lean too far, but at least it’s just water!

The water flows in a wooden trough that has a plug you can remove at the end, then into a large platform, into another trough and a last platform.  The water then empties into the sand, where there must be a drain because the water didn’t spread far.  The water and sand together can make a mess (as you’ll see below), so plan ahead and bring a towel and a change of clothes for the ride home if you have kids that tend to get messy…like this one:

Yikes!  Good clean fun?

the massive slide, with a viewing platform
A tunnel, fun for big and little kids

Climb & Slide Nest
(ages 2-12)

Here’s an aerial view (two photos stuck together) of the “climb and slide” nest.  Two wide slides, two narrower bumpy slides, a rope you can hold onto walking down into the “pit,” two ropes you can walk on, a climbing wall (not steep, so the toddlers just walk right up it), and a couple of surprises…

Talk in one end of this tube…
…and your voice comes out this end!
Make up a song by banging these gong-like circles
Swing & Spin Nest
ages 2-12

There are two sets of “regular” swings in this nest, two suitable for toddlers and two for older kids.  The rest of the slides are not at all traditional, and look really fun!

the nest swing

the bungee swings
the see saw swings
Net & Tree House Nest
ages 8-12

To really enjoy this area it’s helps to be a big kid.  Here’s my 7 1/2 year old in a rope nest:

the tall treehouse – climb up the ropes or up a ladder
the low tree house
Tree Room
all ages
I’m guessing this is an outdoor classroom, but I saw two parents use it as a place to sit with little ones – good idea!  A nice quiet spot.
Shelby Farms Park
500 North Pine Lake Drive
Memphis, TN 38134