We are so fortunate to have a great bookstore in East Memphis.  In addition to being a great place to get a book or magazine, Booksellers (formerly know as Davis Kidd) has a large selection of “gift” items and a great toy section.  Melissa & Doug and Playmobile are two of the brands in their collection.  The kid area is in the back, with a train table (and places to big people to sit) in the middle.  If your child is old enough, you can let them play while you (very carefully) browse.  It’s an art most moms learn quickly.  Or find some reading material and sit close by while they play.

Multiple days a week they have a kid event called “Story Time with Miss Catherine.”  For current story times please check our Calendar or their website.

“Story Time” is really a lot more than just being read a story.  It’s full of singing (mom participation optional), finger play and even a bit of movement.  When we went last week it was about 20 minutes of these activities, and then one story.  Most of the kids get in close so they can see the book, but some stay near mom and just look from a distance.  Some parents even left after the singing part, and that’s okay!  No child just sat still and listened, and no one cared.  Some talked at inappropriate times, so walked around, a few tried to play with the train set (she takes away the trains and other toys, but that won’t stop a determined child).  But it’s just moms, so no one minds that your child isn’t perfect.

And don’t worry if you don’t know all the words…I knew the classics (BINGO, Hokey Pokey, Wheels on the Bus) but had no clue on a few of them.  No one is going to grade you as a mom because you don’t know the words.

If you’re a mom of a baby, toddler or young pre-schooler I encourage you to stop by and check it out.  If they can find a replacement as good as Miss Marjorie (animated, enthusiastic and very sweet to the children) this will continue to be a great event for very young children.

Go a little early to get a good spot, then stay afterwards to play and shop or grab a snack at the Bistro.  The bathrooms are by the Bistro in case you need them!

Story Time with Miss Catherine
Booksellers at Laurelwood
387 Perkins Road Extended, Memphis, TN 38117