Is your child interested in karate, taekwondo or some other martial art?  One mom was looking for a spot to take her five year old twins, and she got some great recommendations and advice.

Photo from Germantown Taekwondo

Photo from Germantown Taekwondo

Here is some advice from a parent:

As a former nationally-ranked karate kid from Memphis, here are my suggestions about kids and martial arts.

  1. Any place that allows your child to get a Black Belt in 2 years is more about making money than truly setting up a student to be a successful martial artist. We use to love competing against these types of schools, because they never stood a chance in a tournament. (I recommend a 4 year journey to Black Belt.)
  2. Many of the most successful martial artists started around 7-8 years old. While starting kids at 4 or 5 might seem cute, more often than not the students develop horrible “basics” that make them very sloppy competitors when they are 8-10 years old.

All of this is from a competition perspective. If that is not a concern for a parent, and there is never a desire for the student to compete outside of the school, then choosing the school/teacher who is best with small kids (and can keep the group disciplined) is probably the way to go.  My son just turned 4. As much as he loves Ninja Turtles, I’m waiting 2-3 more years before even attempting classes somewhere.

Here are the recommendations from the moms: 

Wright’s ATA
Sanderlin Ave

  • my neighbor takes her son to Wright’s ATA in the Sanderlin Center. Her son loves him.
  • Wright’s Ata Martial Arts is a great place! I 100% recommend and they will let your child come in a try it out before you commit.
  • Martial arts by Fox and Hound on Sanderlin. My 5 yr old started couple month ago an loves it!
  • I went to Wright’s ATA Martial Arts tonight and signed my five year old daughter up! They are wonderful people and the facility is amazing. The kids are disciplined and have a lot of fun! I recommend it!

Cordova Martial Arts

  • My boys attend Cordova Martial Arts off of Macon and Houston Levee and they love it! My 8 year old is a Red Belt level, I believe only a few more color belts to go before his black belt and I have a 6 year old who just started. Great tae kwan do school!
  • Cordova Martial Arts, near Houston Levee & Macon rd- They teach Taekwondo & also have Taichi

Midtown Taekwondo
My friends Steven and Tara Miller own Midtown Taekwondo and are the BEST! Check them out.

USA Karate
Six suburban locations

  • It’s in Cordova, but the USA Karate on Bonnie Lane is really good. Dale Bourie is the instructor and the kids LOVE him. He’s visited my daughter’s school, Harding Academy, and now teaches some classes there that are apart of our LEAP program.
  • My daughter is 8-years old and a brown belt. She’s becoming a 2nd degree brown belt this Friday!!
  • USA Karate on Exeter has been great for my son. Instructors are great with kids.

Taekwondo Academy Bartlett
they are great! A husband and wife team.  

Kang Rhee
Germantown area
My girls, 5 & 7 love going there with my dad. My dad and brother are both second degree black belts and have always gone there, great instructors!

Collierville Taekwondo

Kim’s Martial Arts
Master Kim is a great teacher and has a kind heart. He is great with kids! They also teach important values to kids (and adults!).