As a lot of you know, I’m from New England.  My husband and I both spent our winters skating on ponds near our homes.  So naturally I played hockey with my sister and any other kid that showed up.  It was a fun way to get outside, and sometimes get out some aggression too.  Then I went to a college where hockey was “the” sport…and several years later married a huge Bruins fan.  So last weekend this family of northern parents and southern-born kids took a ride to Southhaven, MS to watch the minor league RiverKings play in a Sunday afternoon game.  Both kids wore Boston Bruins shirts, of course.

The RiverKings are announced

It was an easy drive from East Memphis to the Landers Civic Center.  The game was not well attended, perhaps day games are not as popular?  We paid $5 to park, and there were plenty of tickets so buying them in advance (and paying the ticketmaster fee) was definitely unnecessary.  We opted for the front row of the balcony, which gave us a great view of the ice and the entire arena.  Helpful when you’re there with a three year old.  There were also plenty of seats available right against the ice, another great option for kids.

The people in the hamster balls race

The music was fun (and the boy scouts leader who sang the anthem was fabulous), the game was relatively fast, the between period entertainment was funny (we caught a LifeBlood “Give Blood, Play Hockey” t-shirt from a slingshot and laughed at the people racing in hamster-like balls).  Typical stadium food is available for sale, which also helps keep the kids occupied.  By the third period my little kid was done and I let him play on my phone.  That was enough to keep him there until the end of the game. My eight year old did fine and enjoyed the game, especially since the RiverKings won.

After most weekend games they offer the opportunity to skate after the game for an additional fee.  They have skates you can rent or bring your own.  The list of games with skating is here.  They also have a Kids Club you can join.  Multiple games are held each week from October to March with various theme nights.  Exactly what happens on these nights (i.e. Teen Night, Elvis Night, Faith & Family Night) is unclear as there are not many details on their website.  Feel free to comment on this post if you know more.

Mississippi RiverKings
Landers Center (formerly DeSoto Civic Center)
4560 Venture Drive
Southaven, MS 38671