It’s summertime,  which means it’s time for Wacky Wednesdays at the Brooks Museum. This free event for kids includes a open artworks studio, gallery guides, and children’s international short films. One time when we attended the theme was something like Around the World, so we made passports and then stamped them. Tables had all the supplies you needed – paper, glue sticks, markers and colored pencils as well as directions. When we were done they invited us to make a paper airplane.


Both crafts were fun. My 7 1/2 year old had no trouble with the passport, and I saw some older kids making some impressive drawings. The paper airplane was a little more challenging (read frustrating) for him but with some help from an employee he succeeded, and then made a second one for his brother. My toddler (almost 3) enjoyed scribbling on the passport I helped him make, and screaming when his brother took the wrong color airplane.

The craft room was pretty full when we arrived (not long after 10am) but an employee found us seats with really no wait. There were some paintings in the craft room, and some sculptures between there and the theater…with an employee standing guard reminding the kids (mine especially) to not touch anything.

We checked out the theater, which was probably half full of kids and parents. There were several movies playing on a loop. After about 30 seconds in there I realized we were not going to get anything out of it. The volume wasn’t loud enough and the kids were talking, which I’d certainly expect.

We could have easily stayed, but I opted to bail early as I figured my two wiggle worms would get more out of Rainbow Lake Playground at Overton Park (a more appropriate place to throw paper airplanes than inside a museum), so that’s where we went.

If your children are the right age you can also take advantage of the fact that Wednesdays are a “pay what you want” day at the Brooks, so walk around and check the place out!

I’d certainly recommend this event for school-aged kids and older preschoolers. You’ll probably want little ones in a sling for the craft activity as it can get crowded.

Wacky Wednesdays
Memphis Brooks Museum of Art
1934 Poplar Avenue, Memphis
Wednesdays in June & July