Ever wish you could take the Chick-fil-A playground and make it bigger, but still have access to a place to sit and grab a drink or bite to eat?  Now we have Kid’s Play!  A new indoor play place in Germantown.  My four year old and I visited the other day, and he had a great time.

The climbing structure is at the back of this photo.

Next door to Mellow Mushroom and across from Target, Kid’s Play is large enough to be fun, but small enough so you can easily see your child.  A two-story climbing structure with slide was my son’s favorite activity.  The sign on it said ages 4+, and that’s probably the age required to be able to climb inside.  An employee was inside, which was great help for the parents.  There are also two inflatables (the larger one had an employee inside), a train table, and an assortment of large plastic floor toys for climbing, crawling and building.

The cafe isn’t full of junk food.  Hooray!  They have coffee, water, juice and soda to drink.  Plus cookies, string cheese, goldfish, pretzels and other snack foods.  There is a water fountain too, and bathrooms.

The cafe has tables, chairs and booths

Socks are required, so there are cubbies by the door for shoes and coats.  The owners plan to add a rock climbing wall and swap out the inflatables to keep things fresh.  This is a great place to come with a friend so you can sit and chat while your kids play.

Kid’s Play is open seven days a week and they do birthday parties.  You pay per walking child (adults, babies and crawlers are free) and there are several weekly specials, monthly memberships and punch cards.  They also offer group discounts, with a reservation.  Check their website for details and pricing.

Kid’s Play
9155 HWY 72 (Poplar Ave) #27
Germantown, TN 38138