We’ve all heard the phrase “breast is best” and I don’t think anyone disagrees with this statement.  That said, it’s certainly not always easy when you first get started.  As someone who successfully breastfed both kids to the one year mark, I will say that past around six months it is actually easy. Well…then there is biting, and distraction, and okay….nothing about motherhood is easy! But once you get the kinks worked out it is definitely a lot easier.  Some moms have some pretty big “kinks” though, so professional help can be necessary.  If you’re concerned about how things you eat may be causing your baby to be fussy you should read my post about reflux, breastfeeding and food allergies/issues.

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A mom asked: “I’m looking for recommendations for lactation consultants in the Memphis area. Info about breastfeeding support groups (run by lactation experts) would also be useful.”  Here is what the moms had to say:

Lactation Consultants

All Better Pediatrics

  • Dr. Folz (breastfeeding specialist) and Dr Ware (certified LC) at All Better Pediatrics are amazing for breastfeeding support plus a pediatrician all in one.
  • All Better Pediatrics has Dr. Julie Ware and Dr. Tamra Folz who specialize in breastfeeding medicine and are amazing breastfeeding resources.
  • Dr. Ware at All Better Pediatrics, PC!

Germantown Methodist Lactation Consultants

  • Methodist Germantown hospital had some good ones when my son was born.  
  • I am a NICU RN at Germantown Methodist. There are several LC’s that are fabulous, we also have a breastfeeding supply store. You can make an outpatient consultation appointment with one of them before or after the birth. 901-516-6893.The LC’s at Germantown Methodist are great. They called to check on me after we went home from the hospital to make sure all was going well. I also called the LC dept at Lebonheur and they were wonderful. 
  • I didn’t seem to have as much luck with the LCs at Methodist Germantown. I requested help and the LC didn’t show up to my room until the next day – 20 minutes after I had checked out and already had my son strapped into his carrier. Honestly, if it hadn’t been for one of the night-time nurses from the nursery sitting down and helping me out, I don’t think we would have been able to breastfeed. She was a lifesaver.
  • I have nothing but great things to say about the LC’s at G’town Methodist!

Baptist Women’s Hospital Lactation Consultants

  • Baptist Women’s Hospital has lactation consultants and a breastfeeding supply store (breastfeeding supplies–one of those things you never think about before becoming a parent!).
  • The ones at Baptist Women’s hospital were wonderful. If you delivered there, you can go see them for free anytime.

Pediatrics East

  • There is a lactation nurse at Peds east in Cville. Her name is Cindy. She is awesome! Helped me with both of my kids.
  • Cindy Earle – Pediatrics East Consultant – based in Collierville. She helped me with 2 of my 3 little ones and was a breath of fresh air. Truth, honesty, sympathy. Call her!!I concur! Cindy was tremendously helpful to me for both of my girls!
  • Cindy Earle at Peds east is amazing but I think you have to be a Peds East pt. she is also now a Nurse Practitioner in addition to being a lactation consultant. If it wasn’t for her I would have failed at breast feeding. 

Amy Stewart-Banbury, CPM
If your looking for professional breast feeders (which in my opinion, are better then consultants), Amy Stewart-Banbury is a midwife here and she knows plenty of moms.

Support Groups

Memphis La Leche League

  • the Memphis LLL is a great resource. 
  • I got way better info and support from LLL here than Dr Ware.  

Breastfeeding Moms of Memphis – a FB group for local breast feeding moms NOTE: the link provided isn’t the actual group, it’s a gateway to get you into the group which is “secret” (so providing an actual link to that group won’t help you).

Breast Friends of Memphis there is also a meet up of breast feeding moms too if you are interested. Different play dates book discussions luncheons etc