A mom asked for help with her son.  “He’s 4 months old and suffering from horrible reflux and constant tummy pain. We’ve tried it all…several different formulas, 3 different reflux meds, cereal in his milk, feeding smaller amounts, the list goes on and on! The doctors say he’s just going to have to outgrow it bc we’ve run out of options. Has anyone else gone thru this and when did your child outgrow it?”

Dealing with reflux is HARD.  My first child was a silent refluxer, and my kids are 4.5 years apart.  As I tell people – there is a reason for the age spacing – I wasn’t sure I could do it again!  As one mom said: “May the force be with you.

My refluxer at three months - not happy

My refluxer at three months – not happy

Here is how I helped my breastfed reluxer by altering my diet, and here are some suggestions for the moms:

Both of mine were reflux babies and started doing much better when they could sit up more. They did alot of sleeping in carseats, swings and bouncy seats with the gentle vibration on. The best mine did was on a combo of prevacid, maalox and enfamil ar.

Our son had terrible reflux (he was preemie) until about 7.5-8 months old and then it just went away. We bought a fisher price rock and play sleeper for him to sleep in at night and it made all the difference in the world. I think once they start sitting up by themselves and progressing in those areas the reflux calms down. This was my experience at least.

We had a very similar experience. My oldest had terrible reflux and nothing would give him permanent relief. We put Mylicon drops in his bottles, wrapped him in a miracle blanket for sleep, and just carried bibs and burp cloths everywhere. He spit up ALL THE TIME, and it was just our way of life until about a year old.

We also did the Enfamil AR (liquid gold, as my husband called it) and slept in a bouncy seat as well.

My son had reflux, but it was due to constipation issues. Mirilax once a day CURED all of his problems.

My son had reflux, too. Did all the same things and he was on Zantac and Prevacid. I agree, things got better once he started sitting up so around 6 months.

We had the same issue. Tried everything and then we discovered Prosobee, which no one had ever recommended. Did it as a last ditch effort, and never switched back!

went through it for the first 9 months of my daughter’s life… we finally just let her sleep in her car seat carrier all night. We put it in the middle of the pack N Play so we wouldn’t accidentally trip over it! that little incline helped relieve most of her issues.

I have not been through this and I’m so sorry cause I see how frustrating it is. My friend took her baby to a chiropractor and it helped. Maybe you could research that and decide if it’s for you.

Enfamil AR and Prevacid solutabs were our best “solution.” They made things easier to deal with, but very photo I have of my son he’s wearing a spit up soaked bib and I’ve been doing three loads of laundry a day since he was born. He didn’t really start keeping everything down till we started solids. Not purées- solid foods. He still occasionally has issues and he’ll be 12 months in a couple weeks.

I went through this..terrible and I am a nurse. Was breastfeeding. Had breastfed 4. He was throwing up, losing weight…Levsin with phenobarb was a miracle!!!! So is liquid Donnatal if you can find a led to prescribe..the penobarb dose is tiny but enough to relax the sphincter. It does improve with age and getting upright but hell until then without meds..best formula for it is Carnation Good Start…for sure….and lying on tummy on warmed blanket….sitting in car seat can hurt because of gas and pressure on stomach.

I fed Nestlé Good Start and used a Tucker sling when she slept. It helped, but she finally out grew it at around 7 months. So frustrating. Hang in there!

We thought my son had AR as well. Went to an ENT and learned it was a swallowing problem due to him being a premature. Thickener and Enfamial AR did the trick

Mine had reflux until 11 months, was not ably to sleep longer than 2 hours at a time until then, many nights up screaming for hours on end with us bouncing her vertically, spent a lot of time in the swing and carseat for the incline, no tummy time or rolling over because she would scream the whole time, she took Nexium twice a day from 8-11 months which calmed her down, but didn’t stop it completely, also gave Maalox- I think her standing up and moving around was what helped. Tried all the formulas, Letting her grow out of it was the only thing we could do

My 18 month old boy had reflux acerbated by a milk protein intolerance. I breast fed and figured it out by cutting different things in my diet. He slept in a car seat or baby papisan bouncy seat until he could move around. And it wasn’t safe. After that I elevated one side of his crib but he did get worse again.It didn’t really get better until about 14 months and that is when he really started eating. He didn’t gain a lot if weight between 4 months and 12 months. At 18 months he still gets an upset tummy when he drinks milk, but he can tolerate cheese and yogurt as they digests slower. Eczema was also a related issue.

We did for 13 months. Didn’t want to believe “wait and see” was the answer but it was. We tried everything too! Nurse told us to swaddle baby wearing only a diaper (it was winter). It did not help symptoms but made it easier to change & cleanup at night.

Google the Tucker sling and wedge combo, it was the reason my child could sleep. It approved for use in a crib and was a life saver. My daughter had colic and reflux. She took a whole Prevacid, was on Nutramigen and we loved something called colic calm, available at CVS. It worked fast to help settle her.

We tried everything with my son, all the meds/formulas/etc. Nothing really worked. The only way he would sleep is in the swing/car seat and eventually we rolled blankets and put them under one side of the mattress. We even had a sigmoidoscopy (scope into stomach) and they found nothing. Then, it seemed like he woke up one morning around 6 months and he was fine. I really do think that some babies just have to grow out of it.

Like above we did Prevacid and found sleeping upright in a car seat or swing. I know you probably don’t want to hear this but hang in there it won’t last forever.

Mine was on meds, is exclusively breastfed, and didn’t show much improvement until 6 months when she started eating solid foods twice a day. And was sitting up. Nap Nanny was a miracle for sleeping though.

Two words. Colic. Care. www.coliccare.com. It worked miracles for us. Good luck! Thinking good thoughts for you!

I nursed and when I drank milk which was everyday w my cereal my little one would scream and cry and throw it all up. I gave up milk and she did fine. Not sure of the situation but some babies can’t process the milk and it hurts their tummies.

My baby boy had reflux and he finally outgrew it when he was 11 years old. Yes. I said 11 years old! His presented as croup and chronic cough and vomiting and not sleeping and MULTIPLE ear infections. I know that my first pediatrician thought I was insane I brought him in so many times. The doctors in Memphis had clearly never seen a case like his before! Out of desperation, I finally took my son to Children’s Hospital in Boston and got FANTASTIC help when he was 3. Best thing I ever did! I am very sure that saved his life. We used, Nexium, Prevacid, TUMS and allergy medication which finally solved his problems. He did not sleep through the night until he had been on a therapeutic dose of PPI for 6 weeks and he was almost 4 years old. Good luck!

There is a surgery for reflux but you need to consult an expert pediatric gi doctor before making an opinions. UT would be my recommendation personally.

My first vomited (not just spit up, vomiting) about 20 times a day. Not sure how he grew at all. Zantac and special formula helped a little, as did chiropractic, but time- time was the cure. One year and one week old, it ceased.

my daughter had it for her entire first year. She ended up having to take an adult meltable perscription (tasted like strawberries). Without the pediatrician (Dr. Senter- Pedseast) watching her drink a bottle (which was just painful to watch) I never would have gotten that medicine that SAVED our life. Have your doctor watch her…

Truth is chances are baby will just outgrow it. We did everything with our LO. Even took him to Whitworth, who was so kind. He did get some relief from Milk of Magnesia (doc said it made it so food wouldn’t sit in his tummy)I never thought it would end and one day he woke up and it was over. He still spits up a lot but is a happy baby. He’s 7 months. The end came at about 6 months. Hang in there momma. Hang in there.

Both mine had reflux as well. My 2nd had horrible tummy issues as well and it proved to be a milk protein allergy. We were put on a very very specialized formula and it went away in a week it so. I would take him to a Ped GI dr. I recommend dr whitworth in east Memphis. He is great!!!

Don’t use powdered formula. Use the ready to pour similac sensitive with dr. Browns bottles and Zantac. Ours lasted through the first 1& months. My second, who is much healthier, has it pretty bad and we use enfamil AR.

My situation with my 3rd child was that I was over feeding her and breastfeed on demand and she would just cry and cry in agonizing pain because I fed her that way. It was a big mistake (for me) and as soon as I put her on a schedule (eat every 2.5-3 hours) and about at 4 months too, she slept thru the night and her tummy pain was non existent.

I have not been through this and I’m so sorry cause I see how frustrating it is. My friend took her baby to a chiropractor and it helped. Maybe you could research that and decide if it’s for you.