Lots of parents have picky eaters.  If you need tips on how to help check this post.  Sometimes the issue goes beyond just being “picky” though, and it’s time to bring in some outside help.  If your child is under age three contact TEIS for an evaluation, I had a great speech experience with this organization (read about it here). Below are some local providers the moms recommend.  If you know of others please post the info via a comment.


Therapy Hut
my son ate asparagus last week!

Janna Hacker & Associates

  • Call Janna hacker and associates in germantown. (901) 328-2110. Maryann is the OT and she is doing wonders w our daughter who has sensory issues. We have been very pleased.
  • We used Mary ann at janna hacker and made some good progress.

Blaine Parker
I am certified in SOS (sequential oral sensory) Feeding. Please feel free to give me a call! Blaine Parker 901-729-6141