Going back to work after maternity leave is tough.  Going back to work after being home with your kids for several years is a whole different kind of challenge.  A mom recently asked for advice from others who had “been there, done that” and they had some great advice on finding a job and making the adjustment to being at work again.

The East Memphis Moms LinkedIn.com group is a great place to visit when you’re job hunting.  You can network with other area moms to help find an opportunity that fits well with your skills and background.

Here’s the advice from the moms, please add yours via  comment:

I am so lucky to have a boss who is also a mom. Going back to work after 2 years at home was so hard but she made it as easy as possible. (I had to leave early my second day because my daughter was sick. She was so understanding!) i’ve been there for almost 3 years. My advice is to be as picky about where you work as your future employers/interviewers are about hiring.

Be sure to list your skills. A lot of people tend to think a stay at home mom just watches kids. Your a planner, an organizer, in control of a budget, etc… Let us not forget a multi-tasker. As for adjusting to going back into the work force, when your at work be at work, when your at home be at home. Do your best to keep the 2 separate. Do not do work at home, and do not be checking in on the kids when at work. Do you best at work, and each day do it better than the day before.

When you DO go back to work, rest as much as you can when you can! When the kids go to bed, follow close behind!

Going to work will, oddly, become a sense of me time. I DREADED going back when I did but I grew to appreciate the break we had from each other. It made our activities more special.

JUST GO FOR IT!!! I stayed home with mine and after realizing I had not had a true adult conversation in years I decided if I was going to be away from my family for 40 hours a week I was going to do something I always wanted…..I am now a police officer.

On the very practical side…. Before your first day, make sure you are well-stocked on 8-10 hour slow cooker recipes and keep the ingredient lists on your phone

Be prepared for illnesses with the kids and you. I went back a month ago (after being home for 2 years) and we have spent almost as much time sick as we have well. It just takes time to get the immunity back. I hope, anyway. Do as much planning as you can the night before or on weekends. I lay out clothes and prep breakfast because my boys were used to sleeping in and the mornings are hard to get going.