My first born turns nine in two months.  This morning he asked if he could get rid of his Star Wars underwear.  I promptly told him to toss it in the trash and he gleefully complied.

Big kids think it’s fun to re-teach
Grammy how to play the Wii

Lots of moms mourn the “loss” of their babies to growing up.  I’m not one of them.  While I enjoyed my kids when they were babies and love my time with my little guy, I also sometimes have to remind myself to not wish him to get older as I often think: “I can’t wait until…”  Little kids are great fun, but I’d like to take a moment to celebrate big kids.  Here’s why I think they are awesome:

  • they will go to movies and watch TV shows that you actually like, so you don’t have to fake it
  • they can tie their own shoes, put their plates in the dishwasher, wipe their own bums, and warn you before they throw up
  • they know how to quickly eat something they don’t like, instead of whining about it through an entire meal
  • they can reach stuff without a stool
  • they understand that they are hungry or tired, and ask for food or lay down instead of pitching a fit or taking it out on you
  • they know what 5 minutes means
  • the end of car seats is in sight
  • they can read directions
  • they understand the value of a dollar
  • they can feed the cat, get the mail, fetch things for siblings and otherwise legitimately help around the house
  • they can successfully tell a joke and sneak up on you
  • they still think mom and dad are cool

So here’s to my big kid.  In the words of his little brother – I think you’re Super Cool.