Parenting is hard work, and knowing the best way to turn a defiant, uncooperative child into a “good” kid takes knowledge and persistence.  Books and friends can be helpful, but sometimes you need a little more help.  Here are some local resources recommended by other moms:


Powers ABA
Strategies to increase appropriate behaviors and new skills.

  • I have spoken to her on the phone and she was very helpful.
  • We have used Kate Powers as well and she is great
  • Kate powers is the best! From problem behaviors to potty training she’s helped my kids and saved my sanity!

Regional Intervention Program
University of Memphis
RIP is an early intervention program serving children with behavioral problems under the age of six years.

Christian Psychological Center
We are committed to helping children, teens, and families through transitions, difficult life events, and emotional, behavioral, academic or social struggles. Individual therapy has proven effective in promoting growth and addressing many challenging issues

Universal Parenting Place
Knowledge Quest
Individual sessions, group sessions, family engagement activities. Free consultation.

The Exchange Club Family Center
At the Family Center, children can find a safe haven to be nurtured, and parents can learn new behaviors that enable them to take better care of their children.

Jennifer Taylor Play Therapy
Play therapy is the least intrusive and most natural form of therapy for children. It uses a child’s natural form of communication-play-to help kids talk about feelings that are difficult. It teaches children how to be more responsible for their own behavior, and it boosts self-esteem and self-confidence. And kids LOVE coming to therapy!