The question of where to hold a baby shower (besides in a home) has come up more than once, so I’m finally writing a post about it!  Baby showers are a fun way for the people close to you and your husband to celebrate this huge change in your life and help you out in the process.  Babies need clothes, diapers and a place to sleep.  That may not seem like much but the little things grow so fast (physically and mentally) you keep needing new stuff!

Image from Brown Baguette Bakery Cafe

So put on a nice dress (yes, you’re probably huge, but that’s part of the gig), a big smile, and enjoy this time with your friends and family.

Need a cake or cookies?  Visit this page for recommendations.

Here are the spots the moms recommend:

The Silver Caboose on the Square in Collierville.

The Grapevine in Arlington. It is pretty small, but very nice. It’s a tea party which offers different teas, scones, tea sandwiches and other goodies. If you get a couple ppl to go in on it, it really isn’t that bad price wise. Totally worth the drive!

We’ve hosted many showers and brunches at Square Beans Coffee

I did a going away party at Square Beans Coffee-downtown Collierville. Awesome location. My guests enjoyed the outside area as well & everyone had an awesome time!

Simply Done

La Baguette Bakery  My baby shower was there last year and was so lovely! And the food is delicious! Best petit fours I’ve ever had, hands down!

This will sound like an odd suggestion, but South of Beale on Main St. I went to a great baby shower there with great food.

Cupcake Cutie Etc.

Take A Break cafe & coffee shop! We also have a supervised playroom, so we can watch any kiddos while the adults hang out

Owen Brennan’s “Bird Room” is perfect for that amount of people. But any room could fit. They can customize any menu and they have a pastry chef. Contact their special event coordinator, Yolanda Woods. They are fantastic!!

Not totally private, but Interim Restaurant & Bar has a nice area in the back. I’ve seen lots of bday-type parties going on back there. Doesn’t Ciao Bella have a room you can reserve?

The Grove Grill

Old Venice and Napa Cafe also have private rooms.

River Oaks has a room that holds 30 people and they do great lunch or special requests!

Mulan Bistro in Cooper Young has a fantastic back group room.

The Woman’s Exchange (at least I know of bridal showers held there)

The Elegant Farmer

The Melting Pot in Cordova

Pinot’s Palette– its a painting studio and they can design paintings for the mother-to-be, the babies room etc.