A doula can be a great option for some pregnant women. She will support you before, during and after the birth of your child.  Birth doulas focus on the before and during part and postpartum doulas focus on the after part.

I did not use a birth doula, but I definitely thought about it.  Thankfully my mom was present during the birth of my first child, which was helpful to both me and my nervous husband!  If you’re considering a doula we’ve got a list of women to consider.  And one important tip from one of the doulas: “you might want to advise moms to check with their dr. There are a couple that will not work with doulas at all, and a few that wont work with certain doulas.”  Need an OB?  Check out this post.


The Memphis Birth Collective is a group of doulas in the Memphis area.  They are providing free seminars in East Memphis.  Check their Facebook page for upcoming dates.

Mary Beth Best
[email protected], 901.603.1627

  • Mary Beth Best is mine. I can’t give a full review yet bc baby girl has not decided to join us on the outside quite yet…
  • I second Mary Beth Best. She is phenomenal.
  • Mary Beth is wonderful!
  • Mary Beth Best attended my last two births as my doula. She has become a very dear friend in the process.
  • I used Mary Beth Best and loved her. She even cleaned my kitchen when we started labor during lunch!

Kimberly Baker, CD (DONA)
[email protected]

Amy Coontz

  • Amy Coontz is fantastic!
  • Amy is amazing!

Jamie Whartenby
[email protected] – 901-361-7533
Jamie Whartenby is fantastic!

Doulas of Memphis
A birth and postpartum doula company owned by Abby Powell and Lindsey Hanna

Memphis Doula Love
Leia Syvertson Berry: birth and postpartum

Homecoming Postpartum Services
Beth Hayes, LMSW
I was lucky enough to have Beth Hayes as a postpartum doula. She’s really laid-back and comforting, so I felt free to cry in my pajamas when I just needed to talk it out, but she’s also a great resource for information on everything from baby-wearing (we practiced with the Moby) to calming a gassy baby (she offered text support during a crisis). Heck, she made me eggs and checked my baby’s latch in the same hour! 

Woman King Postpartum & Childbirth Services

Blossom Health & Maternal Wellness
birth and postpartum doula, lactation consultant

Memphis Family Doulas
a birth and postpartum doula agency owned by Amelia Tummalapalli

Blossom Health and Maternal Wellness
Jada Nichols, MS, OTR/L, LMT is a Maternal Wellness Consultant who provides prenatal and postnatal yoga, perinatal and infant massage, holistic pregnancy and postnatal nutrition, lactation counseling, and postpartum doula services, in your home.