A pregnancy massage is a wonderful thing!  If you’re ever looking for a gift for a pregnant woman consider a massage gift certificate.  Carrying a baby is hard work and we all need some pampering from time to time.  It’s important to get a massage from someplace that specialists in prenatal massage.  They have the proper equipment to make you comfortable and understand the unique needs of pregnant women.  

Two places the moms did not recommend are Germantown Day Spa (no cut-out table) and Massage Envy.  Here are some places the East Memphis moms recommend:

  • When I was pregnant three years ago I had one from Serenity Day Spa in Cordova… it was great! I’ve also had manis and pedis there
  • I had several but Serenity was best! My husband and I had a couples massage when I was pregnant and they set up a room for us with one normal table for my husband and a special maternity one with a dip in the front for me. It was so nice to actually be able to lay on my stomach and get a massage!
  • I Love Serenity
Greta Hauberg
The Racquet Club or Your House
  • I am a Massage Therapist. I have a cushioning system that allows you to lay on you belly even at 9 months. I work at the Racquet Club and am able to make house calls (you do not have to be a member to come to the club for a massage). My number is 360.303.2883. 
  • Greta is terrific! I recommend her for sure!
several area locations
I went to Gould’s several times while I was pregnant. They always did a really good job and had the belly cut- out table.
Pavo Salon.Spa
East Memphis
Ashley does a great pre natal massage 818-0773

Massage – Memphis
East Memphis
I am pregnant and am having severe back pain. I was looking for a productive massage more than a relaxing massage- but I got both!. James knew EXACTLY what he was doing. Knowing he worked my back hard.My back pain has gone from a 8 to a 2. I am in significantly less pain than I was before the massage. I am going to do this on regular intervals through my pregnancy. Definitely recommend!