If you have concerns about the speech development of your child I encourage you to have him or her evaluated. Both of my boys started speech therapy before age three. One had private therapy (in NC) then therapy through the public elementary school (in NC, AR and TN) from age three until right around his eight birthday (his speech was great at that point, so he got “kicked out” and we celebrated).

My little kid with his TEIS-appointed therapist, in our home

My second son started speech therapy here in Memphis through TEIS – Tennessee Early Intervention System – at no charge.  You can read more about that program and our experiences here.  Once he approached age three our TEIS Coordinator worked with us to transition to Shelby County Schools via the Colonial Hearing & Speech Center and he now receives speech therapy at Grahamwood Elementary, even though it is not our “home” school (I requested Grahamwood since my older son goes there, and they said it was not a problem).  There are children who go to private schools who travel to their local elementary school for free speech therapy, so this is an option.  If your child is three or older contact Colonial to request an evaluation, under three contact TEIS.

If you opt to go the route of private speech therapy here are some recommendations from the moms of East Memphis:

Germantown Speech Language and Learning Clinic

Janna Hacker & Associates

  • She is great!
  • Janna Hacker is a friend of mine and is great with the kids!
  • Janna Hacker & Associates is wonderful! We see Mrs Janna and Ms Amy and they are great, Hayes has learned so much and what a wonderful staff they have!
  • I use Janna Hacker as well. We see Mrs Amy Goudy there and they are awesome!!!!

Therapy Hut
Laura Martin at Therapy Hut 309-5219 she works at the University of Memphis Too at the hearing and speech center too. She is Great !!!!!

Memphis Speech & Therapy Center
University of Memphis
Highly, highly recommend The Memphis Speech and Hearing Center on U of M campus! Laura Martin is the contact there and the program is AMAZING!   I have recommended to others with the same results! AMAZING!!!


  • I highly recommend Brightsong!
  • I’ve used Brightsong, LLC for a couple of years now for speech, PT, and OT, and they have come to my home and to daycare locations. I’ve been very happy with their services.

Kathryn S. Varela

  • I highly recommend Kate Varela!
  • Kate Saunders Varela was our sons speech therapist and I cannot say enough wonderful things about her as a person and therapist or the progress our son made, while with Kate!

Parker Pediatric Speech Services
Contact me, Blaine Parker, at Parker Pediatric Speech Services – 901-729-6141. I see children in their homes and in the office.