Having other moms to talk with about your job as a mom is really important. Being a mom is hard work, and can be very isolating. As a new mom you’re home alone with a little being that is all “me, me, me” and it’s easy to get overwhelmed and think you’re doing everything wrong. As your kids grow up the daily tasks change and so do the challenges. Having other moms to touch base with is huge.

If you’re looking for homeschooling groups please check out the Homeschool Resources post.

Here are some organized support/activity groups that cover the East Memphis area, and beyond. Please let me know of groups I need to add to this list.

General Groups

Bluff City Mommies
A Facebook group, formerly on Meet Up. It was started February of 2008. Most of the members are stay-at-home moms. The organizer is in Cordova, so events are in that area as well as places like the zoo, CMOM, etc. There is a fee of $5/year and you need to stay active (attend events) to be part of the group.

Memphis Mothers of Multiples
A local chapter of the National Organization of Mothers of Twins Club, this is a support group for mothers of multiples (twins, triplets, or more). Currently the club consists of approximately 70 members from the greater Memphis area. Dues are $20/year. Everyone I’ve know with twins has joined a local multiples group, and raved about the support provided – so join if you’ve been blessed with multiples! Their Facebook group might be a better way to reach out to this group.

Beautiful Bundles – Baptist Women’s Hospital
This free new moms support group is facilitated by mother/baby nurses who can answer questions and provide information about infant care and breastfeeding. Moms are welcome to bring their baby and meet other new moms. Registration is not required. Every Thursday, except holidays from 12:30 – 2:30pm in room D. For additional information, please call 901-227-9873.

Mothers of Memphis Playdates
A Facebook group

Park It! – Memphis
A ministry and fellowship of friends and moms with kids that attempt to try a different park each week.

Moms of Mud Island (MOMI)
Open to all downtown moms with playgroups and more.

Breastfeeding/Natural Parenting

Alternamama’s of Memphis
A group for the “alternative” moms of Memphis” “breastfeeding, babywearing, co-sleeping, gentle discipline, natural/home birthing, whole/natural food eating, cloth diapering, elimination communication, delayed/no vaccination, alternative education, babyfood making, homeschooling, hairy mama types! Or some combination thereof, but none of these are required to join!”

Bring it On Out
A breastfeeding support group (focused on the first 6 weeks) that meets every other Saturday at Greater Hope Baptist Church. For more information, contact Donna Holmes-Ross at 757-2672 or email [email protected]

Breastfeeding Moms of Memphis
A closed Facebook group.

Homebirth in Memphis
A Facebook group for families who are interested in home birth in the Memphis area.

Cloth Diaper Memphis
Information/support for those who want to use cloth diapers, plus buy/sell transactions

Babywearing International of Memphis
Our mission is to promote the benefits of safe babywearing for child and caregiver, to present educational opportunities, and to help foster connections between babywearers in Memphis, TN and its surrounding areas.

Religious Groups

Moms of Preschoolers (MOPS)
MOPS is a faith-based organization geared towards supporting and connecting moms of pre-school aged children. Groups gather twice a month for some type of program (childcare is provided) and for social occasions as well. There are groups in Germantown, Cordova and Collierville. Click the link above to search for a group and get contact information.

Hope Church Mom’s Ministry
Moms Life groups available for First time moms up to moms of elementary school. Childcare is available (first time moms keep infants with them). Groups meet at Hope on Wed. mornings from 9:30-11:30 Jan-April and Aug-Dec. During summer break groups usually have playdates. Women can connect with groups at any time though. For more info contact [email protected].


1.17 Moms
A Facebook group for adoptive, safe family, and foster moms and moms in waiting that live in Memphis and surrounding areas to connect and encourage one another.  The moms meet monthly for coffee (dads meet over wings).  The name comes from Isaiah 1:17 – Learn to do good. Seek Justice. Help the oppressed. Defend the cause of the fatherless.

CrossHeart Ministries
A support group for women who have experienced a miscarriage, stillbirth or infant loss. Also see their Facebook page for upcoming events.

Hopeful Hearts Ministries
A bible-based infertility and miscarriage support group for women who are suffering with the loss of a miscarriage, trying to conceive, undergoing fertility treatments or seeking adoption. Meets every other Wednesday evening at Highpoint Church. Contact Melissa Alexander at 901-270-4031 [email protected]

Young Widow Support
The Kemmons Wilson Family Center for Good Grief offers several different support groups that deal with the loss of a loved one. I specifically asked them about groups for young widows and was told they offer a six week class. They said moms should call Michelle at 901-861-5656.

United for Adoption: Mid-South Chapter
A support network for all members of the adoption community, including foster families and adoption workers/advocates in TN, AR & MS.  The group is looking to reach out to birth parents, adoptive parents, adoptees, adoption workers, adoption advocates, and any and all individuals who are supporters of adoption.

Special Needs

Warrior Mommies of Memphis
A Meetup group is for mothers of children with any special needs (autism spectrum disorders, PANS/PANDAS/lyme, cerebral palsy, apraxia, developmental delays, any physical or mental illness) for friendship, support & collaboration. One meeting per month will be a “playdate” (kids welcome). The other will be mommies only, so we can take a much needed break from the littles.

Memphis Area Food Allergy Moms
A Facebook group for moms who have food allergies and/or kids with food allergies to provide support and guidance to each other.

LeBonheur Epilepsy Partners
Supporting families living with epilepsy.

FAAM – Food Allergy Alliance of the MidSouth
Providing support, education and advocacy for the food allergy community of the MidSouth

Spina Bifida Community of Memphis
To advocate for children who have spina bifida, and to provide a social network to support families affected by spina bifida in the Memphis and MidSouth area.

Special Needs Moms Group
A local Facebook group for moms of special needs kids.

Special Interests

East Memphis Moms on LinkedIn
If you’re a working mom (full-time or part-time) or plan on returning to work at a later date you need to keep up your network! Please join the East Memphis Moms LinkedIn group!

For Mom/Kid exercise classes see this post.

Moms RUN This Town
A local chapter of the National running group. Whether you are an experienced running mom – or a mom who has never run, but is looking to start running – we are the club for you!!

International Families of Memphis
A group for International couples, families, and moms as well as those Americans who enjoy friendship with those from other countries or nationalities.

Memphis Med Wives & Tots
A Facebook group for Memphis area wives of medical residents/fellows and those recently finished with training. To offer support and outings.

The Real Stepmoms of Shelby County
A Facebook group for stepmoms – to “revive, empower and champion one another by providing support, encouragement, resources and tools so you don’t feel isolated on your journey.”

FIT 4 MOM Memphis
Mom and child exercise classes. You don’t have to take the classes to join in on the social events the group holds.