Having a job is a great step towards adulthood.  Besides making money (and hopefully learning how to manage it), teenagers can learn a lot from being out in the world working for someone who isn’t a relative or friend.  My first “real” job was at a video store – besides getting paid I got free rentals and was expected to watch movies so I could recommend them to customers.  Not a bad gig!

My big kid and his camp counselors - great guys.

My big kid and his camp counselors – great guys.

A mom asked for suggestions on places her teen could look for work this summer.  Do you have more suggestions or want to hire some teens?  Please add the info via a comment! Here’s what the moms had to say

Camp Counselorday camps | overnight camps

Lifeguard/Swim InstructorPools

Game Stop if he’s a gamer, any retail/malco/crossfire commandos/putt-putt/ pump it up, etc.

Putt Putt is always a good summer job for kids…Baskin Robins, TCBY, Malco, Mall…..if they’ve got a car, the sky is the limit!

Chick-fil-a was my first job. a GREAT place to work at that age. They have a scholarship you can work toward too.

I would imagine sky zone, malco, and ice cream shops will have extended hours and may need additional workers

Memphis Pool Supply is a fantastic company to work for and they should be hiring now for the summer.

The ballparks usually hire kids for the concession stands.