Lots of parents these days are making their own baby food. I did with both kids, and found it to be pretty simple, and I felt better knowing exactly what they were eating.  Sometimes “making” food is as simple as smashing up a banana, so don’t be intimidated and automatically think this is a lot of work.  You can add “homemade” baby food options to your child’s mealtime without it being a huge deal.

Here are some tips from the moms:



  • I used Super Baby Food book also. It was helpful. (Was a gift so I didn’t research any other books.)
  • There was a book I used too – Super Baby Food
  • Annabell Karmel’s books are great – Top 100 Baby Purees and Superfoods, especially.


  • I loved those OXO ice cube trays – they have a cover that slides on and off. Once the food was frozen I just chucked it all in a zip-lock bag.
  • I didn’t buy a special baby food processor…just used my regular one and froze food in cubes in ice trays. Then popped out and put in ziplocs. Didn’t figure out how easy it is until 3rd child!
  • The magic bullet is awesome for making baby food and for the whole family. I’m so happy I did homemade baby food because my now 15 month old will literally eat everything 🙂
  • Also, I loved our Beaba baby food steamer/processor – very quick and easy. I used the rice cooker insert too.
  • There is NOTHING NOTHING NOTHING better and less expensive than the So Easy Babyfood Kit from Fresh Baby. Mine came from Amazon.com, around 30 dollars. Annabell Karmel’s books are way too complicated for me–I could do them, but they are a lot of ingredients and a tiny amount of food. I needed fast and easy and storable. I made SO much from Fresh Baby. Most have contraptions for making (steaming and pureeing) but I dreaded the cost (150 and up) and the cleaning. CHECK IT OUT!!!!
  • I used a steamer, food processor and ice trays!
  • It’s really easy. I saw the cutest little blender at Williams-Sonoma for making baby food. Didn’t use a cook book but knew to use very little to no seasoning in babies food. I just steamed, pureed and froze food in ice cube trays. I could mix one cube of applesauce with one cube of pears for s little variation and would do that with other foods too. Puree your leftover baked chicken (that needs seasoning or it’s yucky). Just experiment.