A mom asked: “Looking for ways to take the paci away from my 2 year old. He only gets it at nap and night but is very attached to “blue.”  Any advice on how to do this would be appreciated!”  I have no experience with this problem.  My first son wanted nothing to do with anything in his mouth (my refluxer) and the second son sucked on the ring and middle fingers of his left hand while twirling his hair with his right.  Thankfully he stopped the finger sucking on his own, and only twirls his hair occasionally now.

Here’s the advice from moms who have “been there, done that.”

When my kids were little, we gave all of the pacifiers to Santa one Christmas. That way he could take them to “little kids” that needed them since my kids were “big kids now”

I just told mine one night that I lost it and had to go look for it. He got in bed and I tucked him in.. I told him as soon as I found it I’d bring it to him… Well I never “found” it, and he only asked for it the next morning and I told him I was still looking for it. It worked like a charm! And my son was VERY attached it his as well!

We went to build a bear and had ours sewn up into a bear that we names Cookie. This was her first birthday. She is almost 6 years old now. She carries Cookie around everywhere.

not saying this is best for you but we went cold-turkey with the paci when our daughter was 2.. we let her leave her paci outside of her bedroom door at night for the paci fairy to pick up and we would leave a piece of chocolate in it’s place..we told her the paci fairy took them to all of the sick babies at the Med. it was tough at first, she screamed for it for the first couple of nights then got over it. she’s 4 now but she still talks about how the little sick babies at the Med have her old pacis bc she’s a big girl and doesn’t need them anymore..regardless of what you do, i definetly wouldn’t wait any longer…the longer you wait, the harder it will be…

I’ve been talking up the Santa thing. I’m hoping it works. After this last round of illness has hit this house, I’m positive the dang paci is the germ carrying culprit! Thanks for question and advice!

I started poking holes in it so it wouldn’t work the right way. It was easy to wean off of and we set a stop date and talked about it a lot. I wasn’t too bad.

Play the paci fairy take all the pacis. Put them in a box and hang the box in a tree over night and sneak to the tree later take box down and replace it with a new toy

cut the tip off of it

We took our sons away at nap time. First. Then a few weeks later did it at night too. That way we both knew he really could go to sleep without it.

We got our idea from our dentist and it worked in 1 day. Get all the pacis together, put in a box and wrap it up. Tell them it’s going to the baby animals at the zoo. Take a trip to the zoo and give it to the worker who will graciously thank you!! with a wink wink

we went cold turkey and took them to Build a Bear and let our daughter put them in the bear…she did freak out that night and ask that we get them out. Two rough nights and she was fine.

my son was really into garbage trucks. I cut the tips off so that they were broken and needed to be thrown away. The garbagemen let him throw away his “broken” pacifiers when they came for pick up. He thought it was really cool to throw them away in the big truck himself!

tell him santa is going to take it when he brings him his toys

Cut the end of it off. I have heard of people tying it to a helium balloon and sending them to babies in other lands

We just cut the tip off one a week. Since they were “broken” she threw them away each week.

My son picked a baby he wanted to give it to – chose his baby cousin – and he got a toy as a reward for giving it away. Talked about it for a few weeks before he gave it away, and it turned out just fine. Good luck!

paci fairy worked seamlessly for us! I had dreaded it for months, but the paci fairy came and took the pacis and left a fun toy and he never looked back. he used it morning, noon, and night before! I was shocked!

I had him go around the house and collect all the pacis he could fine and throw them in the trash. Told him the paci fairy would bring him a big boy toy when he got rid of all of them. He smiled and put them all in the trash and went around hunting for others like it was a game. I immediately tied the trash bag up and took it outside so when he asked for them I could honestly say they were gone. He literally would have one paci in his mouth, one in each hand, and a couple around his head in bed and was FINE without them. I think he asked about it the first night but didn’t get upset. We did the same thing with bottles several months earlier and it worked just as well.

We tried everything with our 3yo daughter..cutting the ends off…paci ferry…none of it worked…then one night I told her that her best friend didn’t use a paci. She was amazed and has not used the paci since. I think I might have been even more amazed that it worked.

We went cold turkey. The first night was rough. But, it was worth it. There has been research that shows a link between pacifier use and ear infections. Ear infections and sickness were a real problem for us and – with language development being so important at that age – we chose to stop. Our son even had some hearing loss in one ear. But, of course what was right for our family might not be right for other families.

cut back to just nap and night at first. then he woke up and it was gone and he didn’t notice. so they just disappeared. he had a few rough moments when he was upset over something else and wanted it for comfort. i told him he didn’t need no stinkin pacifier bc he was a big boy. it was the only way. tried everything else but cutting it to no avail. but cutting it wasn’t an option for me… way too dangerous.

We did cold turkey to. But when we went hold turkey he spent the weekend at his grandmas. When he came home it was a distant memory!