He picked out his own clothes…and I
didn’t even ask him to!

My 3.5 year old wants to be four.  Badly.  All parents know that being a “big kid” is an important thing to any little kid, so I decided to take advantage of his desire and put him through “Four Year Old Training.”

We started this morning by having him do more work than usual in getting dressed, because four year olds can dress themselves.  So his current “training” is to learn how to get dressed.  As soon as he finished he said: “Am I four now?”

Not yet kid.  We have plenty of work to do.

Next week the night time pull-ups are going away.  I hate those things.  His big brother never used them, but this kid has never mastered not peeing at night.  Lately he’s been peeing in the toilet on his own after bedtime, but he still wakes up with a wet pull up.  Last night he got his PJs on early so I left him in underwear.  The little stinker peed in his pants.  My guess is he got confused since PJs usually means a pull-up too, and he was just too darn lazy to get up and pee.  Thankfully he was sitting outside.

So this week we’ll start phase 2 of Four Year Old Training – no pull ups.

I’m thinking that four year olds also pick up their toys, try new foods and don’t whine (hey, a mom can dream, right?).  I’ve got until the 4th of July, so I might as well come up with a few goals for Four Year Old Training while I can.

Given that he has an 8 year old brother, my little kid has also decided he needs an allowance.  It’s tough to see that big brother has money and he doesn’t.  Our last Target trip together he saw something he wanted and instead of asking me for it said: “I need to get some money so I can buy this.”  I might be headed to the bank soon to stock up on quarters…25¢/day for picking up your stuff, trying new foods and going through Four Year Old Training seems like a pretty good deal to me.

What strategies have you successfully used with your little kid?