For a lot of parents, the “terrible twos” are not all that terrible, it’s age 3 and into 4 that can be a headache.  These kids want so badly to be big and do it themselves, but they can’t yet.  Parents have to develop zen-like patience at times, especially if their child’s communication skills are a little behind like mine were.  Here are some ideas for gifts that will keep these kids happy!

My 4 year old beating me at Go Fish – he can’t hold the cards yet, so we use the Sequence game box to block my view

  • Blocks! Foam or wood, particularly for kids that like to build
  • Floor puzzles are also great and for more advanced 4 year olds
  • Legos
  • Mine lives her mobigo game system and is getting one of the innotabs this year. Great fun for them and they are learning.
  • Playmobile – some sets have too many tiny pieces that can be a headache for you, so you might want to put those aside until your child is a little older
  • This website has tons of recommendations (based on their family’s awesome homeschooling) for creative toys for this age kids. I have loved every single thing that I have bought off of her recommendation.
  • Little People sets
  • Big trucks of all kinds are fun too. Scoop up and dump the blocks and Legos.
  • Play-doh and that machine that streams it out in different shapes.  Throw in a couple of plates and some other stamping and cutting tools and they can make you all sorts of “food”
  • Crayons, markers, scissors, tape, glue, etc.
  • Plan City toys are fabulous – wooden vehicles, buildings, roads and more
  • Card and board games – Sequence for Kids and Candy Land are great
  • Kid Galaxy Morphibians remote-control cars are great fun and sturdy.  My 4 year old loves his