Car seats are one of the pains of parenthood.  Infant seats are bulky and get really heavy as your child grows.  Convertible seats can be a pain to install (go here to see places to get your installation checked) and don’t get my started about trying to fit more than one in a car and then take a passenger.  Ugh!  Thankfully, like everything else, this is just a phase and before you know if you’ll be carting around kids wearing just seat belts.  Until you reach that stage, here are some resources to make good car seat decisions.

With new narrower convertible and booster seats you can squish in a third kid

With new narrower convertible and booster seats you can squish in an occasional third kid

Car Seats for the Littles
Car Seats for the Littles, Inc is a community-driven, education oriented organization, staffed by Child Passenger Safety Technicians and created with the goal of sharing injury-prevention information in a manner easily accessible to the widest range of individuals.

The Car Seat Lady
Debbi is a renounced national expert in the field of child passenger safety.
Forums about car seats and cars

Baby Gizmo
An independent product testing and research coalition of moms, pediatricians and child development experts from around the country.

Child Passenger Safety
A Memphis Facebook group

Parent Central
A National Highway Safety Transportation Administration website providing information and resources for keeping your kids safe in cars.