A mom asked for recommendations for a hair stylist for her biracial (black/white) daughter.  The moms came through with several recommendations:

Photo from Great Lengths Salon

Healthy Hair Solutions on Houston levee

Great Lengths Salon, I am a Deva Certified stylist, everyone at the salon is. We do tons of natural hair and we have biracial kids come in all the time to get help with their hair!

Monica at Gould’s in the Peabody for sure

Monica at Gould’s downtown, no question.

Melanie at Master Design is the best! I have kinky curly hair and has done wonders with it!

This isn’t a stylist but she may find this helpful. There’s a Facebook page called “chocolate hair/vanilla care” that has a lot of information on how to do different types of hair and provides support for those who aren’t sure what to do with their child’s hair.

Take her to Martha’s Hair Palace