Women want to feel beautiful, and make up can help!  Even if you have no place to go, it’s nice to look in the mirror and like what you see.  Having the right make up and knowing how to use it properly can make a big difference!  Here are the places the moms recommend you go:

A "zombie fairy" - from Gia Marina

A “zombie fairy” – from Gia Marina

Heather Cosmetic Boutique
East Memphis

  • Heather Ryniec Balkunas. Her new store Heather is on Poplar at Perkins near the Relax the Back store. She has her own line and knows her stuff!
  • HANDS DOWN the finest makeup artist in the midsouth.
  • the best… In the business many years

East Memphis
Lisa at Joseph’s

Juve Salon Spa
East Memphis

  • Kendrick Carothers Simpson with juve salon
  • Kendrick at Juve Salon is fabulous!
  • I’m going to have to give a major shout out to Kendrick Carothers Simpson at Juve Salon as well!
  • Agree Kendrick at Juve is so talented

Prescay ParlourEast Memphis

  • Kasey Acuff at Prescay Parlour
  • Kasey Acuff is absolutely the Best in Memphis! Hands down! Give her a try you won’t be disappointed!
  • I do makeup at Prescay Parlour, right off Yates ,I’ve also done the nba grizzlie girls makeup for the past 3 years the number is 413-7350 to the salon, or email [email protected]
  • I would highly recommend Kasey Sparks Acuff! She’s the best!

Gia Marina
East Memphis

  • Emily Van Epps of Gia Marina.
  • Awesomeness!!!!!
  • Emily van epps is the only one to call!
  • Emily Van Epps of Gia Marina, as well! She is also a fabulous eye brow artist!!

Bobbie Brown at Oak Court Mall

Empire Hair Studio
Kristie Parham-Hartunian Gowan at Empire Hair Studio in Midtown is amazing!!

Ardent Salon
Sarah Amanda Bryant at Ardent Salon. 901-751-3788. She is an amazing makeup artist at our salon and also was one for Sephora. She does great work.

Gypsyville Beauty

  • Gypsy Belcher-Nix she does awesome work editorial and all kinds.
  • I work in Collierville now. My website is gypsyvillebeauty.com

Esthetiques Skin Spa
East Memphis
Jennifer Fraser at Esthetiques in East Memphis!! She is extremely talented!!!