Ever feel frumpy and out of style?  Most moms feel that way at least once, especially after giving birth!  A mom recently asked for recommendations of someone to give her a clothing, hair and make up consultation, a la What Not To Wear but without the camera crew and snark.  Here’s who the moms recommend:

Fashion Emergency (can you tell he dressed himself this day?)

KP Fusion

Augusta Campbell Stylist

  • Augusta Campbell stylist–  she’s fashion editor for Memphis Magazine and styles local celebrities.
  • Augusta Campbell is amazing

Gia Marina in Poplar Village (Behind SPR) does makeovers and makeup consultations!

Style Speak – Cara Grinder

  • I am available by cell or email! [email protected] or 901-210-0437. I have been in the clothing industry (buying, selling, wardrobe consulting) for 15 years. I have great relationships with clothing stores as well as several makeup artists thru out Memphis! Great suggestions on the before and afters. Almost all of my clients are mom’s. :) I’d love to help!
  • Cara grinder. She is great!
  • I second Cara Grinder!

Fashion Academy – Carolyn Bendall

  • I do the makeovers for the Commercial Appeal, message me and we can put her in our lineup if she wants. I can do it outside of the paper, too.
  • I recommend Carolyn Bendall