A mom asked for advice on how to “look put together and not frumpy when working a full time job and dealing with babies/toddlers.”  Two years ago I started working out at home with my husband – at 4:30am.  Insane, I know, but given his work schedule and our lack of motivation at 5pm it was our best option.  I slimmed down a bit and gained more muscle, and everything fit better.  Through all this I realized that if I was fit I looked better in my clothes, even the stuff from Target.  So that’s my tip.

Need a fashion consultant?  Check out this post.

Me - trying to figure out what to wear for a TV interview.  Eek!

Me – trying to figure out what to wear for a TV interview. Eek!

Here’s what the moms had to say:

  • Pick out clothes st night. Keep a variety of cardigans and cutesy shirts. ACCESSORIZE!
  • Force yourself to get ready alone and take a few minutes… Will make you feel better all day! Amazing husbands help, too.
  • Classic clothes as a base, fun pops (cardigan, scarf, belt, shoes), kitten heels or ballet flats, jewelry/makeup. I’ve mastered about million different ways to wear my hair up (cause ya know they never give you time to fix it or when you think you have time someone pooped their diaper…again). And don’t forget a smile and a good face cream! I also “splurge” for one or 2 purses a year (who has time to switch purses with 3 kids!) it’s usually highly trendy and patterned or a fun color to turn a basic outfit into a “now” outfit.  I’ve got 3 ages 8, 3, and 1… I own a business, work it full time and still keep the kiddos at least 1/3 of the time, so I understand! And my fashion budget is way, way less than $1k per year, so it can be done!
  • Dresses (soft stretch Cotton or jersey no buttons zippers etc) and fun flats. 2 seconds to get dressed
  • I second dresses! Solid colors will stay in style longer and easier to change up with a scarf or necklace. Add a jean jacket in the fall or spring!
  • wear stuff that doesn’t need to be ironed
  • Wear simple, clean lines. Allow yourself at least 30 minutes before you have to get the kids up. Buy scarfs, jewelry and cardigans that can dress up outfits & mix & match. Keep staples that won’t go out of style. Purchase comfortable shoes that are still stylish. Plan your outfits (even if you can only get it in your head) the night before.
  • I am a working mom of 3 boys and have been wearing CAbi (Carol Anderson by Invitation) for years. The clothes are comfortable, affordable, cute and made for a woman’s body instead of an 18 year old.
  • Lay your clothes out at night in a complete outfit, jewelry and all.
  • A high chair/booster with Cheerios just outside or in the bathroom helped me
  • I get up about an hour before my toddler does and I get ready by myself. It’s definitely much needed “me time”. I’ve found I enjoy it so much, I rarely give it up to sleep in. If he wakes up in the middle of getting ready I just turn on some cartoons for him. No husband/boyfriend help here. It’s possible!
  • It’s all in the attitude sister. Rock what you got
  • For me my thing is never skip the hair. If I don’t do my hair I look “eh”. So to always look decent don’t skip your hair
  • Keep it simple. A sock bun- good lipstick and solid colored, classic clothing.
  • I wear lots of dresses. They’re easy to put on and accessorize. I’m a fan of Banana Republic and its outlets. Good quality, sharp and wears well. I get ready before I get the kids up or after they’re off to school. My hair is easy to deal with and I don’t wear much makeup so no help there.
  • Get up earlier so I can have a moment to myself and get my thoughts in order and put myself together before everyone wakes up.