Spring and summer mean open-toed shoes.  Hooray!   Nothing says “Spring” like a good pedicure, and it’s great to have that professionally done to get all the dead skin off your feet.  And lots of moms love gel manicures (I have mixed feelings).


Here are the spots the moms recommend for a mani/pedi…the ones marked with a + also serve children:

Nail Styles
714 N Germantown Pkwy
I love Nail Styles in Trinity Commons, Jack the owner is awesome for nails, Vince is the best if you go on Saturdays for nails and Dena is always there and she is fabulous for pedicures! Plus, they do free beverages or cocktails while you are being pampered. 

Graffiti Nail Bar
1985 Madison Ave
Graffiti Nail Bar is awesome, they serve wine too LOL

Clipps Hair & Nail
1219 S Germantown Rd, Germantown

7588 West Farmington Boulevard, Germantown
Christie Crowe at BeautyMax in Germantown! She’s a great friend of mine and does a great job!

Elite Nail Spa
6300 Poplar Ave

  • Elite Nail Spa at Poplar and Massey
  • I love Elite Nails on poplar also!! Or Vo’s Nails in Collierville….both great places with top notch customer service 🙂 and reasonably priced
  • Elite nail spa. Both locations are good but u prefer collierville location at Houston levee at poplar. Not as busy, longer pedi and they have aromatherapy and hot stones. Prices $30-$50. Free wine, champagne or beverages. 

Vo’s Nails
5040 Sanderlin
308N. Byhalia Ste 105, Collierville

  • I love Elite Nails on poplar also!! Or Vo’s Nails in Collierville….both great places with top notch customer service 🙂 and reasonably priced 
  • Vo’s Nails on Sanderlin is great! They actually have kid mani pedi on their menu. They do a cute design on their nails and everyone there is so nice.

Studio LaRue Salon & Day Spa
5131 Wheelis Rd
my mother-in-law owns a salon & day spa, Studio LaRue on Wheelis, off of White Station, they are all awesome there! The extra money for the foot mask isn’t necessary, but you should try it at least once, it’s great!

Diva Nails & Salon
540 S Mendenhall Road

  • Diva Nails next to Kroger at Sanderlin
  • Diva Nail in Sanderlin Center is where I go. They speak good English. Cheap prices. Friendly staff. and they do great work. Don’t forget your complimentary glass of wine! I have been around the city looking for a good salon, and this is the only one I have never had a complaint with. I have been going for a couple years
  • Diva on sanderlin is AMAZING! Ask for Alex   
  • They do kid mani/pedis

+September Nail Salon
2101 Merchants Row, Germantown EMM Review
They do kid mani/pedis

Nail Pro
inside Wolfchase Mall, outside of Sears on the lower level
Fab-u-lous! They have ladies day on Tues and you can get a spa pedicure for only $25. You can also get a full set for $19.99! Great for moms on a budget.. Also the owner and wife and mother are soo friendly

J Nails
5101 Sanderlin
I highly recommend VIVICA SHUMPERT at J Nails on Sanderlin nails and beyond…she does an excellent job

Fashion Nails
5115 Quince
Fashions nails on Quince did mine and my daughters and they were fantastic. If you’re looking for extravagance it isn’t the place for you but if you’re looking for good work at a good price it is.

+Karinas Nails
2235 Whitten Rd

+Elegant Nails
1770 N Germantown Pkwy, Cordova

+Nail Star
6257 Stage Rd, Bartlett

+Princess Nails
1132 N Germantown Pkwy, Cordova

+Ck Nails
6655 Quince Rd