Me about 7 months after
having my first child

Gaining weight while pregnant is pretty easy.  Losing the weight after can be pretty tough.  I’m sure you all know moms who had the basketball pregnancy – where they look exactly as they did before getting pregnant, but with a basketball-like belly sticking out.  I wasn’t fortunate enough to be one of those women!

With my first pregnancy I felt better when I ate – less nauseous.  Plus I told myself I was pregnant and it was okay to eat more.  A ten pound gain in my first trimester was not a great way to start off a pregnancy!  I think I gained 50 pounds total.  That time I got back in shape by watching what I ate, breastfeeding, walking (with him in a carrier, then a stroller), yoga DVDs, and later time at the gym (once he was older and I was comfortable with the idea of leaving him in childcare).

My second pregnancy I was much smarter and gained a lot less.  After he was born we went on a lot of walks with my ERGO front carrier, then back to the gym.  We joined a fabulous gym in Little Rock that we definitely miss, not just for their facilities but for their unique childcare set up that was fun for both big and little kids.

We were not able to find a gym in the East Memphis area that met our childcare needs, and got tired of not being able to work out together (something we really enjoy) so when our younger son agreed to share a bedroom with his brother we turned his bedroom into a home gym.  A big TV, padded floor, big mirror and some weights made it a perfect room for beating the crap out of ourselves with the P90X video series.  For the past two months we’ve been getting up together at 4:30am Monday thru Thursday (Friday is our day off, Saturdays and Sundays we work out around 6am).  We work out for around an hour then I make breakfast while my husband gets ready for work.  He leaves the house around 6:15am, so getting up at this insane hour was our only option if we wanted to work out together.

I feel like SuperMom!

Yes, we go to bed around 9pm to keep this schedule, but we decided it was important for not only our heath and sanity, but for our marriage as well.  We wanted to carve out more time alone as a couple, so we do it while sweating and sometimes yelling and laughing at Tony Horton on the screen.  We share a few laughs and we are starting to look pretty good.  The Superman t-shirt just felt right as lately I feel a bit like a SuperMom.

Want more ideas for how to fit fitness into your crazy schedule?  Here are some tips from the moms of East Memphis:

Recommended Gyms/Fitness Centers

  • Nuber Y has great childcare and toddler exercise classes. They keep the kids busy while I workout
  • I second the Nuber Y! Great nursery with wonderful, caring women to take care of your kids while you work out. And a sensible diet–Weight Watchers worked for me! Still have a bit to go but feeling much better about myself
  • Nuber YMCA yoga!! Get your “bandas” back. That’s yoga talk for “pelvic floor”.
  • Lifetime Fitness has tons of different classes to choose from while kids can go to the nursery for up to 2 hours.
  • Love the DAC Laurelwood, great nursery. Keeps me sane!
  • DAC Laurelwood is great with awesome classes and childcare for up to 2 hours in the morning and afternoons. If you begin making it a priority when your kids are little they think of it as routine, plus it sets an example of being healthy for them. You can spare an hour or so for you…it makes you a better Mommy!
  • I love Germantown Athletic Club
  • French Riviera Spa on Union in Midtown. Rates are reasonable and the group classes are AWESOME (especially spin/boot camp on Tuesdays @4)
  • Church Health Center on Union, my kids LOVE the childcare and the price is really reasonable.
  • Pure Barre
  • Churches with Fitness Centers/Classes

Recommended Classes (not at gyms)

At Home/Other Options

  • Make it a priority. I have a jog stroller and often take my child with me when I run. He loves it. We usually stop by the park afterwards, so we both get to do what we like and do it together!
  • I did lots of walking, and took my girls with me. Also, I ate healthier, smaller portions and I only drink water. (I still don’t drink soda.)
  • walking at the zoo
  • Medifast was a great kick start for me
  • Weight Watchers– and now I work for them as a leader at the Audubon location. I love it, and the meetings really hold me accountable.
  • Work out at church, as well- Lindsey is right, you have to MAKE time to exercise. Nobody “finds” time.
  • Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred DVD. I could spare 20mins a day when the little one napped. Best $12 I ever spent!
  • Check out the FREE smart phone app and website MyFitnessPal for a really easy way to track exercise and diet (and share with others if you want support).
  • Stroller-Friendly Places to Walk Indoors