This is the second of two posts about the Shelby Farms Greenline.  Read about my trip from Tillman to Perkins here.

The ride to the park entrance was really fun – better for me than the Tillman to Perkins section.  The first interesting thing about this section of greenline is that there are hardly any entry points.

The red dots are entry points…Leonora Dr. (see below)
is a tough spot to bring a bike on the greenline.

Perkins, Mendenhall and White Station are all bridges over the greenline.  After White Station is Podesta, a dead end road with a neighborhood on one side and a DOT building next to the highway.  You could park in this neighborhood and hop on the greenline…otherwise you need to get on at Waring, or hop on one of the roads close to Shelby Farms, or at the park itself.

Waring to the Shelby Farms entrance is 4 miles
Podesta to the Shelby Farms entrance is 2.2 miles

Between White Station and Mendenhall there is another entry point, which I assume was added by someone in that neighborhood.  Or…maybe not.  When you zoom in on a map you can actually see a very small connecting line between Leonora Dr. and the greenline.  Anyone know if this is the street where you see this connecting bridge?

An entry point to the greenline if you’re walking, or willing to raise your bike over the railing. Leonora Dr., or someplace close by.

From Perkins to I-240 you are right next to Sam Cooper.  From around Perkins to past Mendenhall you’re about 10′ below the road, so it’s not that loud.  Then you hit a stretch where you’re at the same level as the road, and it’s much louder.  This lasts for about a mile.  There is still a buffer between you and the road (grass, trees, shrubs and a fence) but you can see the cars and hear them clearly.


somewhere near I-240

After you get past I-240 the greenline is amazing.  This map should explain part of that – about a mile of nothing but nature:

Part of the greenline in this area is raised up, mostly just over the forest.  In some spots you’re over water – the Wolf River or other small bodies of water.  In other parts it’s just dirt below.  Either way it’s really a beautiful place to visit! On some of the bridges I felt like I was flying through the forest on a magic bike (or maybe a broom!?)


Anyone know what these signs (on each side of the river) mean?

greenline240Once that mile is up it’s back to reality, starting with a cement plant, then about a mile of Shelby County government buildings, starting with the prison.

Cement plant…interesting for the kids!
County prison.  Yes Junior, that’s where the bad guys live.

Then you reach the end of the greenline, which is the intersection of Farm Rd. and Mullins Station Rd.  From here you can cross Farm Road and enter Shelby Farms Park.