Have you been on the Shelby Farms Greeline?  It’s really a beautiful spot.  I’ve split the greenline into two posts to give you a better idea of what you’ll find at different sections.

Red dots: entry points, blue dot: High Point Terrace Shops (note: N. Perkins Rd. is not an entry point, the road goes over the trail)

Bridge over a creek just before Tillman

Riding in the street can be stressful, especially with kids.  On the greenline you don’t have to stop very often, and as long as your kids steer clear of the other people it’s all good.  Here are a few things I learned on this section, to help you out if you want to try this yourself.

All the cross streets are marked at the trail intersections, so you don’t have to guess which road you’re crossing.  Each intersection also has a crosswalk and warning lights for cars, making you pretty obvious.

Waring Road is a great entry point on this stretch – lots of off-street parking just South of the trail entrance if you need to drive there, and sidewalks to the trail make the road quite safe for travel.

Chickasaw Country Club

Plan on seeing other people, and lots of plants.  In some stretches you’ll see the back yards of houses, some golf holes at Chickasaw Country Club, or a bridge, but that’s about it. This could get boring for some kids, so keep that in mind as you plan your route.

You can fit two walkers or riders side-by-side, but plan on switching to single file when someone needs to pass you or is coming from the other direction.

I highly recommend using VeloRoutes to plan out your route before you go.  Click on “create a route” and type in an address.  You can click to make a route and it will tell you the distance and elevation.  The trail is quite flat, but this way you’ll have an idea of how far to go before turning around, or switching to a neighborhood ride.

As you can imagine, there are no bathrooms or water fountains on this section of the trail, so pack what you might need!  There are some gas stations North of the N. Graham St. intersection at Summer Ave. (as well as Bryant’s Breakfast), and there are sidewalks between the trail and that intersection.

You can easily get to the High Point Terrace Shops by exiting the greenline at High Point Terrace and heading North.  Cheffie’s Cafe, High Point Grocery, High Point Pub and High Point Pizza are all just a quarter mile from the trail.  So make a “destination” trip out of it!

markerThere are mile markers on the trail, indicating how many miles you are from Shelby Farms Park.  In this case I was 3.5 miles west of the park.


Can you find any artwork on the greenline?

Read about the Perkins to Shelby Farms section of the Greeline here.