NOTE: This organization is now called CoreFire Commandos and is in a different location as Dulins moved.  They still do birthday parties.  Visit their Facebook page for updated info and picture.

Located inside the Dulins Sports Complex in Cordova, C.R.O.S.S.FIRE (Critical Rescue Operations in Severe Situations) Commandos is an active, exciting and fun spot for a birthday party.  Last year we held a party there for our big kid when he turned seven.  His crew spent an hour doing crazy things they certainly can’t do at home!

First they took turns running really fast and then launching themselves into a large pit of foam blocks.  Some kids were timid and jumped in carefully, others went all out:

run and jump into a foam pit

Next they used the trampolines while attached to a harness.  They are set in the floor with lots of foam padding.

do flips or just jump
everyone wears a full safety harness
the entire area is decked out to look like
a training facility

At the end of the party (before cake) the kids are attached to a zip line and either gently pushed or almost thrown (depending on the child’s preference) to the other side, where they are supposed to throw a foam block.

After the fun the kids all gather in another room (the “Nerve Center”) for whatever food and treats you bring along.  While they are relaxing a slide show of photos taken by the staff are displayed on a screen.  The kids all had a really great time at the party and I definitely recommend this place.