It’s fun to have a party to celebrate birthdays.  With little ones it can get tricky to plan something that is fun and not scary or just too overwhelming.  Here are some suggestions from the moms if you’re looking to throw a party someplace else and just show up with the cake:


Little Gym of Germantown
EMM review

Childrens Museum of Memphis
Inside or at their splash park EMM Review

Memphis Zoo
A party for up to 20 people, with optional add-ons including an animal encounter.

My Big Backyard
Several packages and themes are available EMM Review

Pump It Up
EMM review
Up to 25 kids, appropriate for a three year old party but not younger


Chuck E. Cheese

Fire Museum of Memphis
Up to 20 kids EMM Review

Build a Bear
We did Build a Bear followed by lunch in the food court at Wolf Chase. It worked well partially because we did it first thing (10am) before the mall was too crowded

Kid’s Play
EMM Review

Kid Station
Open Sundays for private parties

Memphis Train & Trolley Museum
EMM Review

Cedar Hill Farms

Maple Grove Farm