Looking for a fun place to have a party for a four year old girl?  The moms have plenty of ideas!  Also check out our Birthday Parties page for cakes, cookies, party entertainment, bounce house rentals and more.  If you’re interested in a farm/petting zoo/pony party check this post.  Princess or tea party spots are here


Once Upon a Time
Bartlett on Stage, 901-266-0222
We did once upon a time twice and it was great both times!

Children’s Museum of Memphis

Kid Station

Memphis Botanic Garden
Our best birthday parties have been outside where the kids can actually play with each other instead of be entertained. The Memphis Botanic Gardens is great, and if you don’t want to go for the expensive package, you can just rent a canopy and let the kids play in the children’s area. So much fun.

Collierville Arts Academy
Ballerina Party, Jedi Adventure and Battle Bash parties (or create your own)

Children’s Ballet Theater

SEGA Gymnastics

  • We have had several fun bd parties there!
  • So much less expensive than little gym and much bigger. Just as clean too.

River City Gymnastics

When my daughter turned 4 we did Build a Bear followed by lunch in the food court at Wolf Chase. It worked well partially because we did it first thing (10am) before the mall was too crowded.

Kid’s Play
EMM Review

Little Gym
EMM Review

Stars in Motion
Southaven, MS